Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Painted My Toenails...Why Not the Dog?

No snarky comment. No insult to the storyline. Just a thank you and good-bye to Lynn Johnston who has entertained us for these many years and let us into her life on a daily basis.

No old woman--especially Lola--should ever be in this type of position. It's...unnatural.

I had a crush on Supergirl from the 1996-2003 series. Ooh, she was hot. I've also had a crush on Vampi and Jessica Jones from Alias (the Marvel comic book, not the show). But I never acted like this.

I actually watched some table tennis this year and it was so addictive to watch. But I was wondering if you, the reader, think that Get Fuzzy has gone downhill over the last year or so. It used to be a very original strip but now relies heavily on Satchel being stupid, Bucky mixing up words and Rob getting aggravated. Maybe I just spend too much time reading comic strips...

"Rape and murder..."

Ooh-hoo yeah. Oh God, those lips, those eyes, that...dorsal fin.

I did some research and from what I found, painting the dog's nails doesn't hurt. They even have toenail "pawlish" made especially for dogs so unless Wilberforce used actual household paint, I wouldn't be punishing him.

And I wish they'd actually show Kewpie once in a while.