Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shameless Promotion


The first story for 87 will be "Superkitten" and will post sometime during the morning. I'm to post between two to three stories a month and a picture of a gravestone every Saturday which the pictures being expanded to every day in the near future. Please check it out and tell your friends. Also starting tomorrow:

The What I Remember About Dinosaurs Kickstarter from Brian Russell starts tomorrow. Check it out here. All the things that you may remember about dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park", Calvin and Hobbes and numerous other things will be here along with what has changed since then. It should be interesting.

Veeblefester should move to Kansas where his company won't have to pay any taxes and he, himself, barely has to pay any taxes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Not a Dance Contest

So what you are saying is that Brutus is basically Mitt Romney without hair, fifty pounds heavier, half a foot shorter and a billion dollars poorer? Yep, sounds about right.

Also, and Mother Gargle is an expert about what's mainstream? I don't know why Brutus lets Mother Gargle get to him like this because everything she says can also be applied to her.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Would You Tell Anyone This?

It took me awhile but I finally saw what you did here Chip. Notice Brutus didn't mention he was out looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Also, you all may have noticed that Watch This Space has come to an end and that there is only LAMNB remaining. Any posting other than LAMNB will be over at my Tumblr, The Point of Beginning, so feel free to follow me on there.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Do People Still Believe This?

I like Minimum Security--or at least I did before they started this long-running storyline that started roughly around the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street thing. For those of you wondering, that girl walking away shot the man lying bleeding on the floor. It's kind of disturbing.

Luckily the pothole was near a liquor store so I just bought some Goldschl├Ąger. I'm going down to basement. Don't come in, I'll be drunk and angry.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Press Four to Repeat This Message

I am assuming Brutus has just been hanging up or even just not answering the phone from Acme Loan Company and the one time he actually paid attention to what the recording is saying it reveals that he could've avoided hiding from these telemarketers to begin with.

I've had my cell phone number for about four years. About a year ago, I started getting phone calls for Lonnie. First, it was a couple people asking for Lonnie, like friends or relatives or something. Then it became calls from hardware and lumber companies. About half the time I don't answer the phone, the other half I answer and half to explain that I am not Lonnie, I've had the phone number four times as long as the calls have been happening and that, no, I don't require lumber for my construction business.

About a week ago, I got a bill collector call for Lonnie and that was annoying because you could just tell that the woman on the other end didn't believe that I was Lonnie even after answering her questions of "How long have you had this number?" and "Do you know where Lonnie is?"

The only thing that would've made this strip better is if the second panel started with *ship steam horn* "Hello, this is your captain speaking..."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy

This is a really good tribute to George "Goober" Lindsay. A lot better than the obscure musical references used for when musicians died. I have a feeling someday Nancy will be day after day of tributes to dead people.

While I understand everything that is going on in Nancy, I have no idea what is going on in The Born Loser.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Creepy Old Man

And she was probably laughing at you--both of you--because you are wearing these massive hats and coats when the high today in Cleveland was 94 degrees. Sweet Jesus you must be sweltering under there.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writers Block

I tried writing a story a few years ago called Writers Block. The story was about a writer who returned to his hometown to write only to be distracted by his family's crazy problems and failing business. I didn't get too far in the story because it didn't really hold my interest. I still have the first chapter in a notebook ready to be worked on in the future if I wish.

And that is the main problem with my writing. I cannot write just on a computer. I have to write in a notebook first then type it all into a document. It gives me an extra layer of editing but it makes writing things other than what I am currently working on nearly impossible. Sure I could just start writing in other notebooks but I don't feel right doing that.

I am starting a new blog on June 1st that focuses on writing and cemeteries. I've been working on the inaugural writing post for the last couple of weeks but for some reason I just cannot force myself to sit down, shut up, turn off and write. I have a couple of stories I could put in its place but I don't want to do that. I want to be able to get stuff written using Microsoft Word or something so I can work on several stories at one time.

Maybe someday. Maybe someday...

Don't Pawn Your Pee Water Off On Me, Woman

I am a huge fan of iced tea but I understand people's aversion to it considering it's pretty bland unless it has some sort of flavoring in it. I typically just add sugar to it because I do not like lemon in my tea and if you give me lemon in my tea at a restaurant, I will throw that tea in your face my good sir. Not really though.

I also received my Klout perk in the mail yesterday: Lipton Tea & Honey Mango and Pineapple drink mix. I have no idea if they will be any good but I'm willing to anything once.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take Off That Damn Hat

So this picture has been making more than the rounds on the Interwebs the last week or so. It shows a couple having wedding photos taken while a tornado forms in the background.
This photo took place near Harper, Kansas during the wedding of Caleb Pence and Candra no-maiden-name-now-Pence. I don't like it.

Aside from being very stereotypical of what people think of Kansas (wheat, tornadoes, flat land, cowboy hats) it's just a stupid picture that doesn't need to be linked to by the Associated Press. Tornadoes happens as do weddings. Kansans don't run from tornadoes, we rush to the windows or get in our vehicles to get a better look. But what I really hate is that it shows Kansans as moronic redneck hicks too stupid to come in out of the rain (or tornadoes in this case).

I get that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason but this is a bit much. Plus, while, yes, having a couple pictures with the funnel clouds would be cool and interesting and a sure-fire conversation starter, the clouds are in the background of every single one of their wedding photos thus ruining all of them with the dark, ominous clouds, whispy funnel clouds and disturbing orange sky.

Does This Class Have Only Two Students?

That's what she said.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At Least He Hasn't Defaulted on the Loan

Wilberforce doesn't strike me as the kind of kid who'll do well in college. Maybe a vocational school or the military. But not the Air Force or Marines.

Monday, May 21, 2012


For those of you who can't tell, Brutus' monogram has the initials B.P.T. You know, the Thornapples have a family crest that is seen every Sunday. I would've gotten that sewn onto my shirt mainly just because I'd like to have a straight-jacket embroidered on my shirt.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Things That Get Me to Not Follow You On Twitter

I'm on Twitter a lot. Somedays I don't tweet very often but I am always on there or have quick access to it. I currently have 145 followers and am following 244 people. I don't know how many of those followers are real people, I believe a majority of them are because I do look at them when they start following me so I can see if they are someone I would like to follow or if they are spam or even pornbots. But that isn't all I look at and there are several other factors I use to see if I should follow you or not.

1. You don't tweet about anything I care about. I don't know if you are following me because you like what I have to say or if you are just trying to acquire followers thus gain followees but I don't do that. Your tweets have to be entertaining or at least something I wouldn't mind reading. I don't follow everyone who follows me because you have to be someone I want to follow.

2. You have no original tweets. If all you do is retweet people (unless you are one of the many novelty accounts on Twitter) I probably won't follow you. I probably also won't follow you if all of your tweets are replies to tweets other people have sent you because I shouldn't have to keep up with day-long Twitter conversations.

3. You have a bad follower-to-followee ratio. You can be Neil Gaiman and have nearly two million followers and only follow 700 people. You can be Ellen DeGeneres and have 12 million followers and only follow 50,000 people. You can't be some jerkass local citizen and have 3,000 followers but only follow 60 people. You are not a celebrity and I will not participate in the stroking of your ego.

4. You tell me to follow you back. Again, I am not on Twitter to gain massive amounts of followers. I'm there to promote myself and my website while pointing out and making fun of life's little foibles.

5. You haven't filled out anything in your profile. Why do you still have an egg as your picture? Why are you even on Twitter of you are not even going to do the basic fundamentals?

I'm sure there are others but these five are all I can think of right now. There are exceptions to the rule and most other people have different rules for Twitter. Just a quick sidenote, if your website link in your profile directs me to either your private Facebook page that only friends can see or your Twitter account, you are doing it wrong.

I Don't Think She Needs the Hat

At least roast rump translates to rump roast so Brutus should be able to figure out that Gladys is cooking rump roast. How it's cooked doesn't really matter.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Can Show Something Else, Television Listings Are Not Guarantees

I don't think a network would actually say. Oh, sure they would put up something that said "due to circumstances beyond our" yada, yada, yada but they wouldn't explicitly declare themselves idiots. That's something left to the viewers imagination.

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Must-See" (?) Thursday

Let's be honest, NBC's Thursday night lineup leaves much to the imagination. Long gone are the days when NBC could cancel a show because it placed 5th the Nielsens despite being between Friends (#4) and Seinfeld (#2). NBC is now focusing on single camera non-situation comedies in place of the usual sitcom fare. Currently the schedule consists of Community, 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Recreation and Up All Night. All of these series are returning but Community is moving to Friday but I'll get to that later.

I've thought 30 Rock should've ended last year as ratings were falling and you never really heard people talk about it anymore. But I feel NBC doesn't want to upset Tina Fey, hoping she will create a new show for them once 30 Rock does come to an end. I don't watch 30 Rock. I've seen enough of it to know that I would probably like it but I am not a huge fan of Tracy Morgan (blasphemous!) or Jack McBrayer. I've seen the pilot and seen some episodes sporadically over the last five years or so. I made it a point to watch the episode with the Night Court cast and Jennifer Aniston but I haven't watched an episode since. Rumor has it that 30 Rock will end next season after its last 13 episodes but if the ratings go up and if Tina and Alec want to continue the show, I am sure NBC will jump at the chance despite what they have already said.

The Office had a lot to work out this season. Losing Steve Carell was going to put a dent in their ratings and their popularity but I felt that they did a good job. At first. I loved seeing Ed Helms get promoted to regional manager, I enjoyed the storyline with Angela's gay senator husband and I loved seeing the employees down in Florida. What I didn't like was Robert California (James Spader) and Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate). Robert, who introduced himself as someone who gets what he wants and a "take-charge" kind of guy turned out to be an impotent imposter incapable of making even the simplest of decisions choosing instead to lock himself up in the conference room and act like he was talking to the cameras. My fondness for Robert ended with a thud when Nellie showed up--after being fired in Florida and usurped Andy's (Helms) position as regional manager while he was trying to win back Erin (Ellie Kemper). Robert refused to make the decision to fire Nellie (again) and put Andy back in charge causing Andy to essentially be fired. Everything got wrapped up neatly though in the season finale which is always a good thing.
If how Catherine Tate played Nellie is her comedy shtick then no
wonder I had never heard of her before.
Some things I actually liked about this season was Andy being manager and that they never mentioned Michael (Carell), it was always "our old boss" or "the previous boss" but he was never mentioned by name. I liked that because that's how it is in business. You don't say to your new boss "Christine did this..." or "Monte did that...", it's "my last boss did..." Next season James Spader will be gone (yay) but the season finale hinted that Nellie will be back (boo). Whatever happens next season, it needs to be the last. With two seasons without Steve Carell, NBC and producers can legitimately say that the show was just fine without him and it was, I just think they tried to do too much with this season to make you forget Steve was no longer there.

And now, a special comment on Community....
Quite possibly the sexiest cast on TV in my opinion. Just add Chevy to this picture
and ignore the four guys who aren't part of the cast.
Community is a really good series. I will admit that it is aimed toward a specific viewership. The young crowd. Yes, older people I'm sure watch them but it's mostly a young person's series. Community has struggled for its entire run. All three seasons but it's always scraped by with a renewal. For its fourth season, Community will be on Fridays. A lot, if not most, of people believe that this is a death slot, that NBC is effectively canceling the series but still giving it one more season. The Friday Night "Death Slot" isn't what it used to be. Networks know Fridays are not huge ratings earners. Shows on Friday night are held to a lower standard than other series. Several series have been moved to Friday and have done just fine: Fringe, Chuck, Smallville, Supernatural, Nikita and several others. The problem I mainly have with Community--and it's mostly the fans--is that people complain that no one watches the show. It has respectable ratings but, and I'm going to be brutally honest, you can't have entire episodes focusing on paintball, animated in claymation, 8-bit and anime and not expect people to be turned off by it and change the channel. Don't get me wrong, the 8-bit episode that was this last week was great--I'm glad they are turning Pierce (Chevy Chase) into a more likable character but people need to stop complaining about people that the show isn't being produced for not watching it and instead of hoping for six seasons and movie just enjoy the episodes that are being made.
Possibly my most favorite episode of this season.

Don't Put Words in Alexander Graham Bell's Mouth

Speaking of 'brown-bagging it', did you know that you can buy shirts with that phrase on it that features characters from the webcomic The Underfold? Well, you can so you should go do that now. Just click here.

Just because we don't have anything in writing doesn't mean Alexander Graham Bell never said or thought in a dreamy tone of voice "Maybe someday these 'telephones' as I call them will have screens that can change with a touch and people can use them to play games where birds are slung-shot into porcine-like creatures who have stolen their children."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maybe It's a Bad Chinese Restaurant Run By a White Person

That is an...interestingly drawn Chinese man. Because all Chinese men are chubby, have hair like Mr. Schuester and wear sweatshirts with dragons on them...?

Could You Live On $188,000 a Year?

I'm going to talk about rich people.

Bear with me, I'm not going to attack them or anything. I just want to post a theory I have about rich people and why they don't want to pay even slightly more in taxes. I began really thinking about "the 1%" the last few days mainly because of Eduardo Severin could be making nearly 3 billion (3,000,000,000) dollars on Facebook when it goes public whenever that is. He has renounced his U.S. citizenship under the guise of he's living in Singapore now and doesn't plan on coming back to America anytime soon. Most everyone else has taken that as a sign that he just doesn't want to pay the $67 million in taxes he would owe on his three billion. I don't know about you but I'd be perfectly happy with $2,933,000,000. I could live off of that. As could most everybody else in the world.
Who knew this guy who looked like a douche
would turn out to be a douche.
But rich people never see it that way. And I think I've figured out why. Most of the rich people you see saying you can raise their taxes are celebrities and successful people with their own legitimate companies that constantly bring in money. People who are typically against it are politicians, "small" business owners, people who inherited their money and "successful" people who don't really have a real job (they work for a company but their role is a mystery). I think the reason those latter people don't want their taxes raised is because they are only rich in name only. Any money they make immediately goes into paying any debt they have accumulated since the last time they got paid and then into stocks, bonds, investments, etc. High-paid CEOs make millions every year but if they were fired, not given a golden parachute and could never get another job because they ran a once successful bank into the ground then their time being rich would be over. (In a perfect world anyway.)

They give off the illusion of being rich and yes, by the defined standards, they are rich but they buy everything on credit and any cash they receive go to paying down that credit so they can continue their illusion of being wealthy. Anyone can do it, it just depends on how big of a credit limit you can get. So if they are forced to pay higher taxes, that may cause an upset in the facade of their illusion. Sure, they can handle more money but less money? They have the illusion of a lifestyle to maintain so no thank you.
The Bluth family also had an illusion to maintain. Do you
want to be the Bluth family?
I know I am lumping a large group of people together and not everyone is like this. But I do think the anti-high tax people can be classified into certain groups: the ones I mention above (rich in name only), the ones who feel that since they work/ed hard they should not be "punished" and the truly greedy. My main point is that why do rich people feel they are being punished for being "successful" because they are asked to pay a little bit more in taxes? If you are making $280,000 a year and filing jointly with your spouse, that's $92,400. You are still netting $187,600 a year. Pretty sure I could live comfortably on that as well. Unless I had an illusion to maintain...
I could finally replace my car that has a failing transmission and whose window
won't roll back up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Hate Doorbells

Last week someone came to my door and rang the doorbell. But not only rang the doorbell but rang it twice and knocked frantically. Clearly someone was in front of my house on fire and they needed help. So I got up, with the dogs who bark anytime anyone is near the front door, went to the front of the house because typically our household lives in the add-on in the back and got to the door just in time to see whoever was knocking leave my driveway... If you are going to ring the doorbell and knock with such urgency then somebody better be dying or you will be.

I've never seen Brutus show such disdain for Hattie. It's kind of refreshing.

Why Do So Many People Complain About Parenting?

Probably because it's hard. Think about it, you are choosing to take on a 24-hour, 365 day a year job that, instead of paying you, has you put up your own money. Parenting is probably the worst job in the world that doesn't kill you.
But you'll wish you were dead.
I don't write about parenting a whole. Sure, I'll mention my son, use certain anecdotes, even talk about what he is or has been doing in school but aside from that, evidence of me being a parent on my blog is slim. I also don't have a unique take on parenting. I essentially do what my mom, my aunt and my Grandma did, which, when you think about it, is pretty unique.
What? Kids playing outside? But what about the kidnappers
and pedophiles?!
I've been a single father since my son was born and I've been his primary guardian since he was in Kindergarten. Yes, I complain and I bitch and I moan but if you read anything I've written on this site or anything else (Facebook or Twitter) you wouldn't know it. I don't know if it's just the advent of social media or maybe it's just because I notice it more since I am a single parent but single parents complain a lot. It's one thing if you complain just to work out your frustrations but it's another when it's blatantly obvious you are doing it just to get sympathy. I've seen parents whining about how just going to the store is a chore on par with conquering Rome because of their two kids. They say they need a sitter to do just the most minute thing and they wish that they had a second parent to help take off some of the slack.
And why isn't the baby in a car seat in the seat of the cart? Or maybe you could
invest in one of those baby slings.
And a sitter or a significant other would ease your problems but a sitter costs money that you have repeatedly said you don't have and you chose to have kids with a significant other who, in the end, doesn't care about you or your children. I feel a more constructive use of your time would be to figure out how to do the things you want to do while taking care of your own kids, not complaining on Facebook about it. Vent if you need to but do it in a way that doesn't immediately garner comments of "praying for you", "give me a call if you need help" or any other sympathetic comment.

And then there are the bipolar comments where they simultaneously complain about having kids but then declare them miracles and how they can't picture their life without them. "Gee, thanks, Mom," says your kid if they ever read that. My Mom was a single parent. My aunt was a single parent. I never heard them complain and if/when they did, they didn't do it in front of their children. I consider complaining about your children on Facebook or Twitter to be equal to saying it to your kids' face. When they grow up, they can see those updates and you will have to explain why you typed that.

My point is, is that no one forced you to become a parent. You had a choice in every aspect of that. You are also complaining about something billions of people have done since the dawn of humans and there are people who have had it much worse than you. I rarely complain and when I do, I don't expect a solution, sympathy or even anyone to listen--I tend to not even complain online because that's what it would seem like I was trying to gain. If you want to complain and not make it seem like you looking for those things, start a blog.
There's only over 325,000,000 results. Surely you can grab yourself
some of that pie.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Starting to Not Care How You Met Their Mother

I knew the writers and producers of How I Met Your Mother would do this. Not reveal Robin (Cobie Smulders) as Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) bride but string us along for an entire season only to continue the wedding next season. Although I did figure Barney's bride would be one of three people, Robin, Quinn (Becki Newton) and Nora (Nazanin Bonidai) and I really didn't think Barney would marry Quinn. I was also bothered by how the two-part season finale were just two separate episodes edited to become one. The hour-long episode was called "The Magician's Code" but had nothing to do with the magician's code until the second half-hour.

I was excited for season seven of HIMYM because I felt season six was once of the worst seasons they've ever had and that was coming off of season five which I considered the worst. Season seven did nothing to help with my belief that the show needs to end. The producers have the power to end the show themselves but I will get to that later. This season was a step above the previous two seasons mainly because things actually happened (Robin dating Kevin [Kal Penn], Lily and Marshall (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel) moving to the 'burbs then moving back and Barney's relationships with Nora and Quinn) and didn't feature that dreadful Zoey (Jennifer Morrison). God, I hated Zoey.

I enjoyed the last episode because Lily is no longer pregnant but unfortunately now has that baby to lug around in every episode and Victoria (Ashley Williams) is back. The scene in the first season when Ted (Josh Radnor) hunts down Victoria at her bakery is my all time favorite television moment.
My whole problem with the wedding background plot is that the producers have been dragging this plot out since the beginning of season six and it promises to continue at least one episode into season eight. Hell, it could be drug out even more since the wedding takes place in the future. This show was once cute, well-written and very original but has, the last two to three seasons become just your standard sitcom. I don't know if it's because it's been on so long or what but I'm finding it becoming a chore to watch an episode. Don't get me wrong, sometimes they have really good episodes--typically the season premieres and finales are the best with two or three episodes sprinkled throughout the season and that's why I don't understand why the producers don't have a fixed end date for the show.

The producers constantly, when asked if they are going to end the show after X season, say it depends on the ratings and the network. What? You can choose to end the show yourself. As long as you are not under contract to do two, three more seasons, you can end the series with the eighth season and I think people would love you for it because a lot of fans are probably getting sick of having this dragged out and I would rather a good show end before it just becomes a shambling mess of the greatness it once was.

On the plus side, the show has to end by 2015 because that's when Ted's daughter is born and he has to have met the mother by then.

I Like My Steak as Pink As a Rose

"I ordered a medium rare steak--this one is completely overcooked!"

"Is your meal to your liking?"

"This steak is very well done! I ordered medium rare, this steak is too overcooked!"

"Glad to hear it! I'll be sure to pass your compliment along to the chef. I am so sorry, sir. I will bring you out a fresh one as soon as possible."

For future reference, Brutus.

Monday, May 14, 2012

He Doesn't Need to Work Anyway

Yeah, just skip work because that's the best way to not have stuff blamed on you. Then there is no way people could say "We would've gotten finished if Brutus was here" or "Brutus took those files home and we haven't seen him since." Also, nothing suspicious about missing work on a Monday.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Return of Harter Union

Back in 2005, I had finished writing my book and the following year I had it published. I'm not going to go into detail about my book's publication history but if you care, you can read about it here. All through 2010 I reprinted my book, Harter Union, here on Watch This Space. Well, in 2013 my contract expires and I am free to shop my book around to other publishers. I do plan on reprinting it but first I am going to go through it and rewrite it--remove stuff I included like that chapter where the characters meet the cast of Night Court. I'm hoping at this time next years my book is available both in print and on an eReader.

One thing I won't miss about the original book is the cover. At first I really liked it but I've grown to despise it as the years wore on. So as I'm rewriting it, I may need beta readers to let me know how they like the changes and what, if anything, I should change. So keep your eyes peeled here and on my Twitter so you can see when I ask for them.

Also, Losers Are Made, Not Born is back as is everything else I do on this blog so please tell your friends about it.

Heeeere's Johnny!

Remembered? The entire week before, Mothers Day is shoved down our throat by social media, advertisements and stores so it's kind of impossible to forget about Mothers Day. Call me when Brutus and Wilberforce remember your birthday or anniversary.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'd Prefer Fireside Sports

Am I the only one who doesn't care or find it funny when people say they "watch the radio?" I find it kind of endearing.

This Blog Was Typed In Front of a Live Studio Audience

Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia who play Whitney and Alex
in the NBC sitcom "Whitney."
So only about half a dozen people watched NBC's new show Whitney. Me, my wife and about four other people. Six people are more than who watched NBC's other sitcom featuring a potty-mouthed comedienne, Are You There, Chelsea?

I'd been meaning to get this written since Whitney's first season ended back in March but I just never got around to it. I had no problem with Whitney, it grew on me as the show progressed, mainly due to Chris D'Elia's character of Alex, Whitney's perennial boyfriend. The other side characters also seemed to evolve but into what I was never quite sure. Roxanne (Rhea Seehorn) was a divorcee who seemed to have her life together but then all of a sudden, wouldn't. In some scenes, she was happy with being divorced and not having a man but in other scenes that was all she pined for, even getting back with her ex-husband in one episode. However, now that I have typed that out, it dawns on me that I know of several women who do this. They pride themselves on not having a man around and that they can deal with their life on their own but then two hours later they are begging for God to give them a man. But if that's what Roxanne's character is supposed to represent then it should've been explained better. I was also baffled by Neal's (Maulik Pancholy) coming out just weeks before his marriage to Lily (Zoe Lister-Jones). It was like the writers, or Whitney, or somebody said that they needed a gay character and instead of just introducing one (Whitney plays a photographer, are there no gay photographers in Chicago?) they just turned one of their characters gay. The main reason I give for this being tacked on is that there is no hint of it anywhere in the show until the episode where he comes out. I'm sorry but of the gay people I have known in real life, you can usually tell--they are either flamboyant, never have a girlfriend or are homophobic.

NBC hasn't mentioned what's going to happen to Whitney yet. While it's ratings were decent, renewal depends on if NBC wants to invest in a second night of comedy similar to their Thursday nights. In January, the show was moved to Wednesdays from Thursdays and it fit in better on Wednesday because Whitney has a laugh track, although Whitney does exclaim that "Whitney is filmed before a live studio audience" at the beginning of each show so it may not be a laugh track per se, and the other Thursday night shows do not.

I wasn't holding out hope that Whitney would be renewed. All the actors in the series will do perfectly fine when the show ends as will the writers, producers and the rest of the crew. Yesterday, NBC renewed Whitney for a second season, it came during a wave of NBC renewals including The Office, Parks and Recreation and Up All Night.
Seehorn, Cummings, Lister-Jones, Pancholy, D'Elia and Dan O'Brien
at the NBC upfronts in 2011.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm going to be honest to you. I never imagined the ex-husband on The New Adventures of Old Christine would ever do anything of note. I was proven wrong. You win this round, universe.

via DeviantArt

Brutus Is Suicidal....Again

"Yo, Brutus! What's up?"

"GAAHHH!! Where the hell did you come from? I thought we locked the door."

"I have my own key."

"How'd you get...?"

"Why do you think there is no Father Gargle?"
A few days ago, President Obama came out for same-sex marriage. He finds nothing wrong with it and that is perfectly fine with me because while I do care about stuff like the economy and jobs, I also vote based on the person as a whole and I would rather vote for someone who wants equality for all people and not someone who would probably still be fine with black people still being 3/5ths of a person or someone who holds down a young boy and cuts his hair because he might be gay. The above graph is from the New York Times and each square is a comment about Obama's announcement. You can view the interactive graph here.

What's interesting are the comments saying that this is the reason that will get them to not vote for Obama in November. If this is what's keeping you from voting for him in November, you were clearly just looking for an excuse to not vote for him anyway and couldn't bring yourself to say it was about the economy or jobs. I'm also baffled by people who have said he should've said something before North Carolina had their vote changing their constitution to make marriages of anyone other than a man and woman illegal. The vote ended up being 70% to 30% for. I honestly think Jesus could've risen and said that same-sex marriage was okay and that wouldn't have made a huge dent. I think mostly because people who claim to have read the Bible backwards and forwards would say Jesus is wrong and then say he wasn't really Jesus because he looked like a Middle Easterner.

Had Obama said something the day of or the day before, the people would've just been voting against President Obama. What this does to the Republican Party is it forces them to double down on their bigotry. They now have to be more against same-sex marriage than Obama is for it...and Obama really doesn't have to mention it again until he is specifically asked.