Thursday, March 14, 2013

See You On Some Other Site

I've been saying since January that Watch This Space would return on March 24th and I actually started getting posts ready but ended up deleting them a few days ago because they just weren't good. They would've been fine but they didn't even meet the pretty low standards I have for myself. Originally I was excited of my blog returning but as the time got closer, I began to worry. I began thinking my blog was just going to wind up in the same swamp it was in when I stopped doing it back in June. And after I stopped blogging at the start of 2013, going back didn't seem interesting to me. And it still doesn't. I've been focusing on my writing and trying to get online writing offers that actually pay or at least give me a bit more exposure and I've stuck around on Twitter because, to be honest and blunt, I really love Twitter.

So what's next? I'm not really sure. I'm finishing up Liberty #41 which should post in the next week and then I have three stories to edit and another to write plus I'm still having to rewrite my novel plus I have a few surprise writings that I'm kind of excited to start doing but that's all from this blog. It's officially ending not because no one read it and not because I don't have anything to say but because it's time to grow and see what lies ahead. If I start blogging again, it will be on the Tauy Creek homepage and if you wish to reminisce about Watch This Space everything will still be here. Feel free to contact me by email or on Twitter and instead of letting this blog finish up with a post that is essentially a wall of text, I've decided to return WTS to its former glory with what it was originally created to do and end with one last Losers Are Made, Not Born.

I don't know what I'm more worried about--that Gladys thinks the mirror would say she is fairest when she knows she isn't or that Gladys thinks the mirror is going to talk. Has that happened before...?