Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anne Meara, 1929-2015

Anne Meara, wife to Jerry Stiller and mother to Ben Stiller and Amy Stiller has passed away. She had been married to Jerry since 1954 and was half of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara who made frequent appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Their careers declined along with variety shows but they continued writing and performing appearing in recurring and guest roles. Meara appeared in Rhoda, Sex and the City, and The King of Queens.

1198: Did All That Paper Pile Up In Ten Minutes?

Before we get started on the return of Sunday Comic commentary, I need some help. I have finished and am currently editing a story about a transgender teen who becomes friends with and then enters a relationship with a cisgender teen. I want to make the story as true-to-life as I can and have looked up all I can on the Internet to get some of the trials a trans teen would have to go through. What I need now is someone, actually several someones, to read through it and give me notes on what's good, what needs to be changed, what doesn't work and what's just stupid.

If you would like to help out or know someone who would like help out, please send me an email at tauycreek [at] or via the contact form and I can get the story and critique form sent to you. The story is 44 pages, contains some sexual situations, slight offensive language but I tried to write it for anyone 12 years old and up.

Now, onto the comics...

I guess it's too much to ask that this confusion last over the next week. Dan could walk in and be all "No, it's 'You fill up my bridges.'" and then Nelson could come in and be all "No, it's 'You kill all my bitches'" because Nelson clearly listens to too much rap.

I feel women should be insulted by this comic. Should women feel insulted by it?

And here I thought that B.C. was the unquestioned king of bad dictionary puns.

Marmaduke has just finished filming another scene for his balloon-popping fetish website.

On first thought, I believe those lumps protruding under the blankets are feet but considering none of these people are three feet tall, I'm going with erections.

Three minute shower. In one of my science classes, we were talking about ecology and saving water and the teacher gave a demonstration of a three minute shower to the class. Is that weird? He kept his clothes on.

Somehow, that makes it weirder...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

1197: Apologies to the Estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

I used to love drawing. There was a time I wanted to do my own comic book and my own comic strip. I even did over a year of strips for a comic strip. I knew I wasn't the best artist but it passed for a simple comic strip. There were some things I did that looked really good. In fifth grade, we were supposed to do our own take on a famous painting. I took the Mona Lisa and turned her into Cyclops from the X-Men. I wish I still had that but it got lost somewhere between moving from Baldwin to Lawrence back in 2002 along with all the other art I kept.

When I was in middle school, my aunt paid for my cousin and me to take a summer drawing thing. It was a fun class but it was then I realized that I was a terrible artist. It's not that I didn't try because if I really take my time then I could do something pretty cool as this odd anthropomorphic leopard shows:
See? It's not too bad but I spent too much time on drawing it and didn't have time to color it. Our last assignment was to create a short comic book--four pages. I don't know why I didn't choose one of my comic strip characters but instead I made up a superhero that was similar to Superman in every way imaginable. I even remember going in with my family and all the other kids' families and going through all the books and mine was clearly the worst. I was so embarrassed and made sure that no one could connect that terrible comic to me.

I still have it, you can read it below. See if you can tell the parts where DC Comics/Warner Bros. could sue me. Keep an eye open, they're a little hard to see.

It was during my freshman year in high school that I finally decided to quit drawing. I was so excited about my year-long art class but as the year wore on, I realized that I was not getting any better so no more art for me. Except for my maps or doodles in the margins of my notebooks and Customer Service, I haven't drawn anything since.

Brutus, even if that were true, I would not consider you a "successful breadwinner." Breadwinner, sure, but not successful.

Friday, May 22, 2015

1196: Xylophone With a 'Z'

For fun, I looked up the origin of the word 'xylophone' where I learned that 'xylo' means 'of wood' so xylophone technically means wood sound. I think this strip would work better if Hattie spelled 'phone' correctly and got the x-y-l-o part wrong--it's a small thing that doesn't make it seem like the American public school system is failing our children.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

1195: Canceled Shows Are a Part of Life--Time To Get Over Them

Anymore networks keep a show on the air unless they have something to replace it. In fact, with networks having so many sister stations these days on basic cable, if a series is canceled then there is a good chance it will end up on a sister network or online.

Co-Ed Fever is considered the shortest-lived American television series lasting from February 4, 1979 to a half hour later on February 4, 1979. It was an attempt to cash in on National Lampoon's Animal House. The show wasn't even supposed to air until February 19 but the episode "Pepperoni Passion" was aired as a special preview after the movie Rocky. Co-Ed Fever never made it to its regularly scheduled timeslot. The show Billy was aired in its slot instead. Billy was off the air by the end of April 1979.

On February 5, 1969, the ABC variety show Turn-On premiered and, in some markets, never made it past its first commercial break. Turn-On was heavily sexualized and highly political. Stations that did air it received complaints, some stations opted not to air it and Cleveland's WEWS decided not to return to Turn-On after the first commercial. Turn-On was officially canceled on February 10. Tim Conway, the host of the first episode, stated the show was canceled because it was ahead of its time.

A more recent example is the ABC series Emily's Reasons Why Not starring Heather Graham. Emily's Reasons Why Not was about Emily Sanders (Graham) who makes a list of reasons why she shouldn't date someone and premiered on January 9, 2006. The next day on January 10, ABC canceled it. The first episode consisted of the characters making fun of Mormons, virgins and homosexuals causing ABC to receive a lot of complaints. It's reported that ABC bought the series sight unseen. The cancellation was so abrupt that for the next week or so some magazines had cover stories articles showcasing a canceled series.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1194: But I Guess You Can Also Deep-Fry It

Since kale is essentially just lettuce or cabbage, I would assume it will be used like lettuce on top of burgers, in side salads and crumbled into other things. According to news, the kale will be part of breakfast bowls.

I'm fine with adding kale to stuff but I feel adding it to the food at McDonald's is basically the equivalent to ordering everything on the left side of the menu and then washing it down with a Diet Coke.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

1193: Why Does Gladys Need Keys? She Never Goes Anywhere

Yesterday the seniors at the school I work at graduated. It was a short and sweet ceremony which is always nice. These kids were sophomores when I first started working there so they aren't my group of freshmen that I have seen grow and mature over four years but when I first started, I was in several general science classes which is a sophomore class. Afterwards, most of my classes consisted of junior and some senior classes so I was around this class a lot and, to be honest, of the classes that are in my school right now, they were my favorite. Coming in a close second, this year's sophomores.

Congratulations to all who are graduating and to the students of the University of Kansas, get out of my city.

I've never been a fan of the phrase "they're always in the last place you look" because when you really think about it, the phrase doesn't make sense. Of course my car keys were in the last place I looked because I found them so I stopped looking.

Why is Gladys so worried about her car keys? I've misplaced my car keys a few times and while it is aggravating, it's never made me break down like Gladys looks like she's about to do in panel five.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

1192: Twelve. That's Why Brutus Looks So Terrible

Ugh, another day where Brutus says he isn't going to be kept down by life anymore. On the bright side, at least Wilberforce gets to eat with his family.