Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Diner Soup

I don't care if Brutus likes clam chowder or not, I want to talk about buying seafood-based products at this diner. I wouldn't. Yes, I understand that the diner probably just buys giant food service cans of condensed soup and adds water to it but still, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Smells

Here you go. A comic strip that says "I love the smell of Monday in the morning!" posted in the late evening. Don't deny it. You love it.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Supercomics #13

“That’s a soul?” Geo-Whiz asked as CBX stood among them.

CBX was a covert team formed as kind of an anti-government police force. Seeing all the injustice caused by a system supposedly created to help, protect, and serve, these friends formed a task force to combat these injustices and more. Charles was the leader who was good with firearms and projectiles. Lucy knew many forms of fighting. Linus was a computer and technology master and brilliant scientist and inventor. Sally was a problem solver and master of disguise.

“This is the soul of a being called Madame Spectre. She is an omnipotent demigod who is the only one who can change fate,” Linus explained.

“So why isn’t that soul part of someone?” Agent Spider asked. “Why isn’t it with this Madame Spectre person?”

“Unfortunately, Madame Spectre passed away,” Linus said.

“These things happen from time to time with omnipotent demigods,” Sally interrupted.

“The soul has to find the new Madame Spectre and that takes time,” Charles informed.

“So what are we doing with that and why do you need our help?” Superkitten asked, tired of the presentation.

“First, we need to find a vessel for the soul,” Charles said.

“And why hasn’t that happened?” Geo-Whiz asked, raising his hand.

“You don’t have to raise your hand,” Superkitten told him.

“The right vessel has to be found. As I said, that takes time. The soul searches through billions of people. It can’t be just anyone,” Charles said. “This is omnipotent power. Nearly everything would be at your command.”

“So you want us to help you find a vessel?” Superkitten asked.

“What we mostly need your help with is keeping the person who’s after the soul away,” Charles explained.

“And who would that be?” Geo-Whiz asked, raising his hand.

“Dude,” Superkitten slapped Geo-Whiz’s shoulder.

“She goes by the name Mrs. S. We thought you’d be helpful to us since Mrs. S. used to be Dmitri’s wife,” Charles said, pointing at Dmitri who was standing in the corner.

“They took the soul to my fool husband and that superhero team he’s in charge of,” Mrs. S. complained as she paced in her computer room. “That will make it significantly harder to get it back.”

“You want I should punch something?” a man watching Mrs. S. said. He was Jack Strand, a partner and henchman for her. His strength and body were like steel.

“No. No, dear Jack. Thanks for offering though,” Mrs. S. smiled at him.

“I know you like it when I get all violent and stupid,” Jack smiled back. “So how are we going to get the soul?”

“I think a full-on offensive would work. At least enough to confuse them and grab the soul. We can send an army of Zeroes which they will have to defend against while we go and grab the soul. I should’ve gotten rid of Dmitri when I had the chance. Only wounding him is my only regret,” she sighed.

“So what happened?” Superkitten asked.

“Yeah, this makes you about 75 percent cooler, Dmitri,” Chimney Girl leaned forward.

“Dish, Dmitri,” Fire grinned.

“It’s not that great of a story. We met when we were young. She didn’t want to be tied down which I was fine with because we were just having fun but then she got pregnant and was stuck with me. She began harboring resentment toward me then she gave birth. Things were fine early on but once Vanessa started changing, she got angry. She wanted out. She shot me and left. I haven’t seen her since,” Dmitri explained.

“She sounds like a terrible person,” Agent Spider said. “How’d you stay with her so long?”

“I was blinded...stupid. It doesn’t matter. We need to protect that soul and stop Virginia,” Dmitri said.

“Her name’s Virginia?” Charles asked. “Well, that makes her slightly less intimidating.

The Zeroes headed toward the school building. Zeroes were the name given to an android army that Mrs. S had created. They acted and looked like humans, which made people wary of going full force on them but they were just robots.

The All-American Corps saw them coming. “We have activity,” Geo-Whiz said, looking at the monitor.

“Let me see,” Linus came over and looked. “Okay, they are just Zeroes. Androids that seem a lot like humans but they are just robots so there is no need to hold back.”

“Spider, Fire and I will take care of them. Be on the lookout for Mrs. S,” Superkitten said.

“Seems quiet,” one of the Zeroes said.

“Yeah, too quiet,” another said. “Aren’t we going after a highly skilled superhero team with all sorts of technology at their disposal?” the Zero looked over and saw that the other Zero was now missing its head. “Damn.”

“Yeah, sorry,” Fire said before setting the Zero on fire, melting it.

The three of them continued their assault on the Zeroes. A few Zeroes actually seemed to put up a fight but most were easily put out of commission.

“This is weird,” Superkitten said, walking over to Fire. “Something doesn’t seem right.”

“I agree. Something’s off.”

Elsewhere on the property, Agent Spider was dealing with two of the Zeroes. Two that had actually put up a fight. He had managed to rip off the arm of one and webbed the other. He shot a web at the one-armed Zero and swung it into the other causing both of the Zeroes to spark and break down.

Agent Spider then tried to figure out where Superkitten and Fire might be. He heard a stick break and then a fist hit him across the jaw. Agent Spider landed on the ground and briefly felt his skull on fire before all life went from him.

“Sorry I couldn’t let you go all out on him but we need to do this fast,” Mrs. S said, holding a plasma gun.

“That’s okay. How will we get the other two over here?” Jack asked.

“With this,” Mrs. S pulled out a regular gun and fired two shots. One into the air and the other into Agent Spider then they ran off toward the school.

A few seconds later, Superkitten and Fire arrived at where Agent Spider lay. Fire bent down and felt Spider’s neck. “Dead,” she said softly.

“We have a team member down,” Superkitten announced into her communicator. “We need everyone ready to go but make sure the soul is protected.”

Everyone in the school building came to attention. Everyone got ready and headed out of the building. Linus was in a vault with Smoke guarding the soul. “I’m gonna go. Can you protect the soul?”

Smoke nodded. “Yeah.”

“All right. We’ll try to handle Mrs. S. Do what you can to protect the soul in case we can’t.”

“Will do. Good luck.”

Linus left the room and the door closed. Smoke went over to the single monitor and tried to make out what was going on by changing the channels. It seemed to get brighter in the room and when Smoke noticed, she turned around and saw the soul glowing brightly. “What the…?” Smoke went over and reached out toward it. She was engulfed in the light and when the light went away she was in a white body suit with stars in her hair. “What just happened?” she asked herself.

Batting Practice

I. Some Changes
I have made a few changes on social media and on the site. I have decided to put my Instagram on hiatus until further notice. I plan on using Twitter to do more history posts and, of course, the Tauy Creek Facebook Page as well. On the site, both The Point of Beginning and Time Man have come to an end and will be replaced with Tank N Tummy, which is moving over from my now-defunct Patreon, and West Union Road, a 5-issue miniseries. Hopefully you'll enjoy them and you can always let me know what you think in the comments, the contact form, or on social media.

II. The Miller Family and Prairie City
Since about 2000, I have been doing research on a family that lived in the ghost town of Prairie City. Through my own fault and ignorance, my research into them had been sporadic until very recently. I've been so lucky lately to find just the right information and approach the right people to get additional information to help me piece together information. My hope is to write not only an article on the family and their contributions to local and state history but also a book that uses their story alternating with a story taking place in modern day Kansas. Despite the family being just a simple family, their contributions to the area, and to a couple of other states, we very important. The issue I have is that I am racing the clock against students at Washburn University.

Washburn is offering a class next fall that goes into the Millers and Prairie City and their connection to Kansas history and life on the prairie. While I am excited that this class is being conducted (I honestly wish I could be a part of it), I feel like I need to do as much I can over the summer to finish my research and get the article written and book outlined. What needs to be done is a trip to the Baker University archives to get information from their records and repeated trips to the Kansas State Archives to search through almost 100 years of newspapers looking for information. But I also have other things that I am researching but the priority right now, are the Millers. The research and work needed to get this done leads us to our third bit of housekeeping.

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You know, Brutus has given his son the 'born loser' gene--yes, being a loser is apparently genetic, maybe someday we'll see an ad on TV about a pill or injection that can keep it at bay--so it should be kind of uplifting that everybody else is just as terrible as Wilberforce.

Unless, of course, that being a born loser isn't just something in your DNA but also something that radiates. Like radium.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Double-Up Saturday

Wilberforce: "Father, wouldst thou like some soup?"

Brutus: "What?"

Wilberforce: "I'm making some soup for you, Papa. Please come sit at the table."

Brutus: "What the hell is going on?"

*Brutus sits down at table. Wilberforce brings in soup.*

Wilberforce: "Here you go, Daddy. Your soup. Take caution, it's still hot."

Brutus: "Are you having a stroke?"

*looks down at soup*

Brutus: "Okay, Mr. Smarty-Pants..."

Is it me or is Gladys becoming more of a nag? What's going on in Chip's home life that is causing this? Also, since Brutus is the only one in the house that actually does any work, I don't think Gladys is really in the best position to complain.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why That Hair?

I'd say that Brutus will demand his money back and storm out of the diner but we all know that won't happen. Brutus will always come back to this diner. He'll always come back. And eat. Until he dies.

The guy could've at least worn gloves.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Better Than Bae Though

You know, the longer I've read this comic strip and the more I've developed a sympathetic ear for Brutus, the more I really don't like Gladys. Brutus literally does all the work but seems to get none of the credit. Today, Brutus just wants a little affection from Gladys and all she gives him is "insignificant other". You don't have to take that Brutus. There are places you can go that can protect you from her.

Or better yet...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


He has a desk job. Why would people be huddled around watching Brutus work? On a further note, don't those people watching Brutus also have jobs?