Saturday, July 4, 2015

1231: "Hey, Gladys, Come Play My Flute!"

As you may know, the macaroni referred to in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is not the pasta but a fashion statement of the late 1700s and early 1800s. The macaroni fashion refers to giant, outlandish wigs and clothing. In fact, based on historical research, macaronis are the precursor to dandies, fops, hipsters and metrosexuals as all of these representations care about their appearance and could all be considered slightly effeminate.

As for the song, "Yankee Doodle", the term was included as joke. The author, noting what the Colonists were wearing during the Seven-Years War, was making the commentary that the Colonists could stick a feather in their caps and deem it sufficient fashion. In today's strip, Brutus is just drunk.

The Spirit of '76 by Archibald MacNeal Willard (1875). Photo from Wikipedia.

Friday, July 3, 2015

1230: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches?

Over the last week or so, there have been numerous church fires across the southern United States. There hasn't been much coverage and people began expressing concern over the fires online using the hashtag #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches. So far, of the seven fires, all but two have been ruled accidental or natural. Thankfully, pending any further investigation, the burnings of these churches isn't hate related so soon after the shooting of nine people at the Emanuel African Episcopal Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Photo from Google/Google Maps
On Monday, June 22, the College Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee was burned down when someone stacked hay against the doors and lit the bales on fire. Investigators believe that while this fire was arson, it wasn't race related and was probably vandalism.

Photo from Google/Google Maps
The next day, on the 23rd, God's Power Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia was burned down. The fire is still being investigated but officials are saying it was arson but related to vandalism. The church had been broken into in recent weeks.

Photo from Google/Google Maps
The Briar Creek Road Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina burned down the next day. While no evidence has been released about the fire, preliminary reports point to arson.

Photo from
That same day, the Fruitland Presbyterian Church burned down. Investigators have said that lightning was the culprit.

Ruins of the Glover Grove Baptist Church. Photo from Sam Sanders/Twitter.
On Friday the 26th, the Glover Grove Baptist Church in Warrensville, South Carolina. The cause is still being investigated but initial findings show no evidence of arson.

Photo from Google/Google Maps.
The College Heights Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio also burned down the following day on Saturday the 27th. That fire is also being investigated but officials are saying that the fire was not intentional.

Photo from Clarendon County Fire Department/Twitter.
Last night, Mt. Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina burned down. This was a church that had been burned down in 1995 by the KKK. Officials are running this as a fire caused by a lightning strike.

Church is supposed to be a safe place and one thing we can do as Americans and as humans is stand with these churches in their time of need. Churches can provide a place of belonging and pride in a community, especially in small ones. Those churches need to be respected no matter the congregation or belief. While I am glad that it seems like most of these fires are accidental or at least not a purposeful hate crime, it's telling that people initially thought that. And with all the outrage over wanting the Confederate flag taken down and once again being forced to look at race relations in this country, it's not hard to imagine why people would immediately jump to that conclusion.

In 1996, the Mt. Zion AME Church was rebuilt and rededicated, with President Clinton visiting. He gave the church a plaque that read: "We must come together as one America to rebuild our churches, restore hope, and show the forces of hatred they cannot win." The longer America stays silent on this matter--and all matters of racism--the forces of hatred get more powerful and get harder and harder to stop.

I don't really know anything about Little League baseball or parks and rec baseball or whatever this is supposed to be but wouldn't the game just get rescheduled?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

1229: These Strips Kind of Connect

Whoa! What are those apples doing to Brutus' gastrointestinal tract? I think that's something Brutus should go to the doctor for. Honestly, Brutus seems like a good candidate for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Wait. You're yammering about the moon being full which happens at least once a month when Jupiter and Pluto apparently just humped in the night sky? Space is an amazing thing Brutus and you're wasting it on the moon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1228: Still Not Sure How I Feel About Uncle Ted

"I usually start out reading about what Obummer is doing. Did you know he wasn't even born in this country? He wants to give us all healthcare and gay marriage and equal pay for women to distract us from the real problem--immigrants from Kenya coming into our country from Mexico. Also, Benghazi."

You know what section of the newspaper I read first? I scroll through the news articles of the day and see what catches my fancy. On the rare occasion I read a physical newspaper, I read the local and national news first. The one section I don't touch. Sports. I already get enough information on sports, teams and player that I don't care about from Twitter.

Monday, June 29, 2015

1227: There Are Other Tea Cozy Companies?!

Does Brutus ask for a promotion every week? I mean, he literally just asked for one 15 days ago. The only difference is this excuse uses "quality of work" to deny the promotion. You know, if Brutus spent the time he used asking for a promotion actually doing work then maybe he wouldn't need to ask for a promotion.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

1226: I've Killed Off People In Five of Today's Strips

The body was found, pulverized into the ground by a bowling ball. Witnesses claimed that Phil was just playing catch with his loyal Great Dane, but none saw what happened. But they did see and it terrified them all for the rest of their lives.

Does Puddles have a spinal deformity? I ask because Puddles is vaguely reminiscent of this dog that is currently the ugliest dog in the world:

I believe this was the first Calvin and Hobbes strips where I began to question whether what happened was in Calvin's imagination or actually happening. Calvin's still cornered by the bike and is even planning on spending the rest of his life living on the roof while if this was in his imagination, the bike would become lifeless upon his parent's return.

I guess it's good that murderers, rapists and thieves can still maintain friends despite being murderers, rapists and thieves. Bad news for fans of tabloid talk shows though.

I hate when I'm looking up at the clouds and wind up getting my face ripped off by a squirrel.

Or, they can just figure out a way to keep the cube shut and be rid of their County Weirdly problem once and for all.

I can't believe they are trusting me to use a shovel and dig a hole, Daddy Keane thinks, imagining clubbing his children and wife and then tossing their bodies in the hole. As the shovel goes into the ground, hitting the rock, Daddy's face twists in pain and he collapses.

"Don't forget who's in charge here," Billy said as they all stood over Daddy Keane. "We know what you're thinking but it won't work. We're here forever."

"We may act like kings now but soon we will stretch ourselves too thin. There will not be enough food or water and it's hard to conclude what will finally end us--famine, drought or war--but a mass extinction is coming and it's coming hard."

Does Brutus look thinner in today's strip? Maybe Brutus has been sleeping more.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

1225: NuPenny's Last Stand

It's Free State Festival Week in my hometown where my city becomes about 25% weirder. An art installation sponsored by the University of Kansas's Spencer Museum of Art is a NuPenny Toy Stand by Randy Regier. The location is secret but if you know people who have found it, they will tell you or you could probably figure it out. I figured out its location based on the pictures people were posting.

It was actually quite cool and I'm glad we all went out to look at it before the artist gave every one directions today.

Is Wilberforce thinking about becoming a vegetarian or is he just asking a random question in order to learn more about Hattie? I've thought about becoming a vegetarian but those thoughts don't last long as I love meat--all kinds. I know how we get our meat. It's disgusting but just about everything we do is disgusting when you really think about it.

Come on. Do it. Really think about it.