Sunday, August 31, 2008

$10 To Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

So most of you think Veeblefester is either a bank president or lobbyist for the tobacco industry. I'd go with either lobbyist or communications company president because cable companies rob people blind.

Also, this is my last entry for a while. I'll still be around doing the Daily Comics Review every Saturday and the 20th will be here before you know it. But on to the comics.

Fade to black. Close curtain. The end.

No matter how much you hate Obama or how much you hate McCain, we are in for an amazing race.

Oh, Cathy. Always "Ack"ing your way through life. Why is life so difficult for you? It doesn't have to be. A bowl of Healthy Choice, a little bit of sugar, milk, eat. It's not that hard, Cathy. It's not that hard.

Old person bodily functions are funny.

So many puns. Blacking out...Head imploding...Skin--spontaneously combusting.......

Ah, telemarketing. I worked for a company for about two days before I was fired that was technically a telemarketing type of job. It was horrible. Someday I'll tell you about it.

See you on the 20th.

Superman #39 (Jan. 1990)

written by Jerry Ordway
pencilled by Kerry Gammill
inked by Bob McLeod

Uh-oh, another speech bubble...

There's a lot going on in this comic. Jimmy is stuck in some black and white dimension and finds a man who looks like his father, sounds like his father but isn't his father. Meanwhile this Eqyptian looking guy named Husque, helps Supes and Professor Hamilton save Jimmy from the weird black-and-white dimension. I guess when you write it all down, there's really not much going on in this comic after all.

Oh yeah, and Clark quits the Daily Planet. And there's apparently a new girl at the Daily Planet named Adam. That's right, Adam. A girl named Adam.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Painted My Toenails...Why Not the Dog?

No snarky comment. No insult to the storyline. Just a thank you and good-bye to Lynn Johnston who has entertained us for these many years and let us into her life on a daily basis.

No old woman--especially Lola--should ever be in this type of position. It's...unnatural.

I had a crush on Supergirl from the 1996-2003 series. Ooh, she was hot. I've also had a crush on Vampi and Jessica Jones from Alias (the Marvel comic book, not the show). But I never acted like this.

I actually watched some table tennis this year and it was so addictive to watch. But I was wondering if you, the reader, think that Get Fuzzy has gone downhill over the last year or so. It used to be a very original strip but now relies heavily on Satchel being stupid, Bucky mixing up words and Rob getting aggravated. Maybe I just spend too much time reading comic strips...

"Rape and murder..."

Ooh-hoo yeah. Oh God, those lips, those eyes, that...dorsal fin.

I did some research and from what I found, painting the dog's nails doesn't hurt. They even have toenail "pawlish" made especially for dogs so unless Wilberforce used actual household paint, I wouldn't be punishing him.

And I wish they'd actually show Kewpie once in a while.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Action Comics #727 (Nov. 1996)

written by David Michelinie
pencilled by Tom Grummett
inked by Denis Rodier

There's really not much to this story. While this is a Final Night tie-in, the main focus of the story is Superman battling a huge robot. 1996 was a year where Superman fought a lot of huge robots. Doomsday couldn't stop Superman but a big, hulking robot can. Granted, Supes is near powerless in this issue but the battle isn't even worth showcasing. This is also one of the many issues that showcases a human element--in this case, a businessman can't get home because of the three feet of snow so decides to hole up in a drainage tunnel with the bums but instead finds a bunch of punks beating the bums and attempting to rape their women.

Superman thinks about giving up since he's nearly worthless to the population and the businessman feels bad about abandoning the homeless people. Both notice the statue of Superman built after his death and decide to do the right thing. No matter what.

What's actually the important thing about this issue is that it features my very first thing published. I wish I could say it was an actual story but a letter to the editor works too.
Cute little 13-year-old Brian wrote that. And believe me, it shows. I had one other letter published a few months later. Now I see comics don't even have a letters page anymore. So I guess the terrorists have won.

The Loser Before Time

Got Thursday and Friday's Foobiverse for ya. I got to the point several months ago when I got really tired of Jim just laying around and doing nothing and wished Lynn would just let the man go out with some dignity. But I'm not writing the strip so I guess I'll just sit back and wait.

Heh. "Who cares about my dying grandfather. I want babies."

Why's this strip called Zack Hill? Everyone knows the real star is the dog.

Maybe this is the reason I don't like sports. I've never thought of it like that but you have to admit that sports inflate the egos of the winners and encourage the losers.

Actually, I don't like sports because there's too much involvement--both in watching and playing.

Out of all the hot women in Hollywood, Lola chose Cameron Diaz to represent her? Cameron Diaz is not attractive and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Just plain wrong.

It's sometimes the small things in a strip that just make it funny. The arrow sticking into the panel border is a fine touch.

This was me just a couple days ago (only minus the squirrel) and I have reason to complain about my lawn. Since the last time I mowed, every spider in the city has made it's home in my backyard. I'm afraid that they are plotting something and I swear I heard one of them whisper something anti-Semetic.

I heard a new thoery as to why the dinosaurs may have died. The oxygen levels may have been too rich for them because apparently the oxygen levels have risen roughly 15% since the dinosaur age.

I learned where fossil fuels came from in first or second grade so while Hattie is technically correct, she's still stupid.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Superman #142 (Feb. 1999)

I have a thoery. Any modern comic book with speech/thought bubbles on the cover is a sign to leave the book on the shelf. This issue is part of the dreadful "King of the World" storyline where Superman takes control of the world and starts monitoring everyone and basically policing the world. While it's a decent storyline (in thoery), it's executed badly showcasing Outburst (Mitch from the Death of Superman story) and the Supermen of America (awful new heroes with an old 1940s name).

It was essentially this storyline that prompted the Superman revamp in late 1999 resulting in the hiring of Ed McGuinnes and Jeph Loeb and the firing of Dan Jurgens. What's worse is that after the "King of the World" ended, even worse stories came out including the "One-Man JLA" and "Strange Visitor". Maybe the revamp was for the best...

Number 200

Wow, 200. I never thought I would continue this blog as long as I have. Of course, if I didn't have any readers, I probably would've ended it a long time ago. It's the readers and fellow comic bloggers that helped me along so a part of this celebration belongs to you also. It's been slightly mind-numbing to do this nearly everyday but I have enjoyed it and while this blog originally started out to assist my hatred of the comic strip The Born Loser, I have now developed a kind of respect for it, even though it is still pretty darn awful.

I don't plan on changing this blog too much, even though I have switched it over to my own and changed the name to "Watch This Space" but I am going on a vacation starting September 1st. August 31st will be the last entry until September 20th. Reasons for the vacation are, wanted to spend time with my son, spend time polishing my second novel, focusing on my other writings (stuff that makes me money) and the main thing: moving. Also, I feel I am burned out by comic strips lately. I plan on keeping my role in "The Daily Comics Review" every Saturday and I'll be back before you know it. Remember, there are dozens of wonderful comic blog sites out there so there won't be a lack of reading.

Now, onto the comics.

Damn. No wonder those "Brian Is a Dope" shirts sold out. But at least the "Brian Was Right" shirts will be worth more money.

What's the deal with the ice machine? Is it part of a joke that I'm missing?

A belated birthday cameo from Alley Oop. Plus Peter and Stewie Griffin. Second best Lio ever.

Nothing should perk up your day more than a raptor receiving a blowjob--then not holding up his end of the bargain.

I've done some pretty stupid stuff to get girls to like me (all failed) but getting a tattoo was not one of them. I'm wondering what Brad's mom will say--if he goes through with it. I'm thinking he won't but I was wrong about Grandpa Jim.

I don't lie about going to the gym...I'm in decent shape in respect to the size I could be.

This strip is dedicated to my fiancee who went to see "Mamma Mia!" and didn't drag me along.

Same here. Jonathan Silverman has never let me down.

Who's weird now?

I'm so glad Marcie from Peanuts has been able to work steadily the last eight years. The origin of the word s'more is unknown but more than likely came from a contraction of "some" and "more" as hinted here and confired by Wikipedia.

Theoretically, shouldn't big hands be useful in bed? I'm just saying...

Ah, the plight of our country's bankrupt health care system is even affecting nursery rhymes characters. I'm worrying about Little Miss Tuffet who not only got bitten by a brown recluse but got food poisoning from something called curds and whey.

Any intervention where people call you a moron is my kind of intervention.

Hope someone does that to the person (or persons) who broke my license plate a couple months ago.

Whee!! The sacks of money are back! I'm wondering what kind of business Veeblefester has. It's a job where the top ranking people take home millions of dollars while the underlings get nothing so...that's no help. Let's see what the readers think. Answer the poll on the side and on Sunday we'll see what the winner is.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Born Loser Starring...Uh-Oh

Man, I looked through just about every comic out there posted for the 26th and nothing caught my fancy. Hopefully there will be some comics of note for Wednesday as we arrive at the big 2-0-0! See you there.

Sorry but Grandpa Jim is already dead. Just remember people, I called it.

In actual wedding news, I like that someone actually said "It's about time". I suspect they mean that it's about time the wedding is over not that it took them forever to get married because they got married pretty damn quick in the comic strip universe. I give 'em five years. Seven if they don't have kids.

I'm having problems with today's strip. Not because of the bad joke at the end or copy-and-paste job but with the fact that there are no characters in today's strip to tag. I don't know if we've ever had this happen before. This is making my head hurt and I need to lie down...

Monday, August 25, 2008

This Blog Insured Up to $10,000 By the FDIC

So we get an "I promise" instead of an "I do?" Is that some sort of Canadian tradition? Damn it, Johnston, I'm tired of your Canadaisms. Plus, where's the signature wordplay?

Okay, I'm starting to become a fan of B.C.. Does that make me a terrorist?

Another gold star goes to Marmaduke for putting a flat screen TV in today's strip. However, despite that, the panel is still not funny.

How much sexual innuendo can you find in this comic strip? I count 7.

This is one of my biggest fears. Yes, I realize I should have greater fears but if you really knew me, you'd understand.

Is this an attempt to a topical "failing bank" joke? This strip just seems like a waste of space. At least the paper falling is a bit more artwork than Chip normally does.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

These Comics Weren't Invited To the Wedding

Having Internet problems for the last couple of days. Has been a chore to get things posted which makes it an annoyance. Hopefully next week goes smoother.

My Favorite Words
Pedophile (don't ask)

My Least Favorite Words

I have an employer where that poster would look great. Too bad any form of individuality became grounds for termination.

You didn't see the huge "DO NOT USE IN WATER" warning before you bought the beached whale?

Not even his real friends on MySpace came to help him. Hopefully the few people I ask to help me move will do it. If not it's going to be one horrible weekend.

I don't mind product placement but sometimes it does get out of hand. Especially when the whole TV episode is brought to you by the new Toyota Yaris--I'm looking in your direction CW Network.

Also, this blog entry brought to you by: