Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abosrbing the TV Radiation

Brain freeze my ass. That's a good old fashioned devil possessing if I ever saw one.

Oh my God! This is quite possibly the best comic strip in the papers. God bless United Features Syndicate for picking up this strip and giving it a chance.

Never give a homeless man/hobo/bum money because they may not spend it on something they need. Just buy them a sandwich from a nearby Jimmy Johns or something. Or a massive burrito from Chipotle.

I can't believe in a strip as decent as Over the Hedge they are still able to do a golf joke. What the hell?


I hate people who clog up the legal system when they have no legitimate cause but somehow Bunnista seems to make it all right...

I wouldn't buy shoes from a place called Bubba's. And that's usually a standard deal: buy one pair, get one half price. How aboout buy one and get one free? Have you people not seen the BOGO commercials?