Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Superman #142 (Feb. 1999)

I have a thoery. Any modern comic book with speech/thought bubbles on the cover is a sign to leave the book on the shelf. This issue is part of the dreadful "King of the World" storyline where Superman takes control of the world and starts monitoring everyone and basically policing the world. While it's a decent storyline (in thoery), it's executed badly showcasing Outburst (Mitch from the Death of Superman story) and the Supermen of America (awful new heroes with an old 1940s name).

It was essentially this storyline that prompted the Superman revamp in late 1999 resulting in the hiring of Ed McGuinnes and Jeph Loeb and the firing of Dan Jurgens. What's worse is that after the "King of the World" ended, even worse stories came out including the "One-Man JLA" and "Strange Visitor". Maybe the revamp was for the best...