Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Number 200

Wow, 200. I never thought I would continue this blog as long as I have. Of course, if I didn't have any readers, I probably would've ended it a long time ago. It's the readers and fellow comic bloggers that helped me along so a part of this celebration belongs to you also. It's been slightly mind-numbing to do this nearly everyday but I have enjoyed it and while this blog originally started out to assist my hatred of the comic strip The Born Loser, I have now developed a kind of respect for it, even though it is still pretty darn awful.

I don't plan on changing this blog too much, even though I have switched it over to my own and changed the name to "Watch This Space" but I am going on a vacation starting September 1st. August 31st will be the last entry until September 20th. Reasons for the vacation are, wanted to spend time with my son, spend time polishing my second novel, focusing on my other writings (stuff that makes me money) and the main thing: moving. Also, I feel I am burned out by comic strips lately. I plan on keeping my role in "The Daily Comics Review" every Saturday and I'll be back before you know it. Remember, there are dozens of wonderful comic blog sites out there so there won't be a lack of reading.

Now, onto the comics.

Damn. No wonder those "Brian Is a Dope" shirts sold out. But at least the "Brian Was Right" shirts will be worth more money.

What's the deal with the ice machine? Is it part of a joke that I'm missing?

A belated birthday cameo from Alley Oop. Plus Peter and Stewie Griffin. Second best Lio ever.

Nothing should perk up your day more than a raptor receiving a blowjob--then not holding up his end of the bargain.

I've done some pretty stupid stuff to get girls to like me (all failed) but getting a tattoo was not one of them. I'm wondering what Brad's mom will say--if he goes through with it. I'm thinking he won't but I was wrong about Grandpa Jim.

I don't lie about going to the gym...I'm in decent shape in respect to the size I could be.

This strip is dedicated to my fiancee who went to see "Mamma Mia!" and didn't drag me along.

Same here. Jonathan Silverman has never let me down.

Who's weird now?

I'm so glad Marcie from Peanuts has been able to work steadily the last eight years. The origin of the word s'more is unknown but more than likely came from a contraction of "some" and "more" as hinted here and confired by Wikipedia.

Theoretically, shouldn't big hands be useful in bed? I'm just saying...

Ah, the plight of our country's bankrupt health care system is even affecting nursery rhymes characters. I'm worrying about Little Miss Tuffet who not only got bitten by a brown recluse but got food poisoning from something called curds and whey.

Any intervention where people call you a moron is my kind of intervention.

Hope someone does that to the person (or persons) who broke my license plate a couple months ago.

Whee!! The sacks of money are back! I'm wondering what kind of business Veeblefester has. It's a job where the top ranking people take home millions of dollars while the underlings get nothing so...that's no help. Let's see what the readers think. Answer the poll on the side and on Sunday we'll see what the winner is.