About Me
Tauy Creek is updated by Brian Hall.

Brian was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas and worked a number of customer service jobs before choosing a career being a pseudo-educator. They wrote the novel Harter Union and recently finished Vagabond Girl. Brian is a lover of comics (both books and strips), an avid writer, and amateur Kansas historian.

They live in Topeka, Kansas with their spouse, two dogs, and two cats. They also have one son.

About Tauy Creek
Tauy Creek (pronounced /toy/) is a tributary of Ottawa Creek in Franklin County, Kansas. It was named for John Tecumseh “Tauy” Jones, who lived along the creek and helped found Ottawa University. The online version of Tauy Creek was established in 2008 and features commentary on the comic strip “The Born Loser” called Losers Are Made, Not Born. After featuring a variety of Story Series and other titles from 2009 until 2019, Tauy Creek began using Sunday’s LAMNB to showcase writings, history, comics, and stories. Tauy Creek featured a wide variety of Story Series, other writings, history, and comics from 2009 until 2020. "The Born Loser" returned to the site in late 2020. Starting in 2022, classic strips from the beginning in 1965 also began getting posted.

About The Born Loser
“The Born Loser” was created in 1965 by Arthur “Art” Samson. It originally featured no recurring characters but soon came to feature Brutus Thornapple, his wife Gladys, and son Wilberforce. Samson’s son, Chip, began assisting him in 1977 and took over the strip after Art passed away in 1991. “The Born Loser” is currently owned by United Features Syndicate and is distributed by Universal Uclick. You can view the original strip at www.gocomics.com/the-born-loser. You can also follow The Born Loser on Facebook.

The Born Loser, by Art & Chip Sansom, published March 3, 2016.

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