#ElevenSeasonsAndAMovie (2015-2017) - Details every episode from the first eleven seasons of The Simpsons and The Simpsons Movie and how they impacted my life from childhood to today.

2020 (2020) - Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and quarantine, new and frequent posts resumed with a variety of material including comic reviews, stories, history articles, and more. Regular updates ended in June.

Arjon (2018-2019) - A giant talking banana from a lost tribe in the Philippines travels to the United States to get a higher education.

Blackfaw (2016) - After her family is murdered, Emma Anderson goes in search of the mysterious Horatio Blackfaw to help her get revenge. The series was prematurely canceled to be rewritten.

Bobbo (2016-2017; 2019) - The marvelous misadventures of 13-year-old Bobbo and his friends and family.
Catman (2017) - After his family is murdered by the mysterious Order of St. Constantin, Dwight Summers dons a catsuit to become Catman to hunt down the murderer and bring down the Order.

Capt. Brian's Whiz-Bang (2013-2015; 2016) - A miscellaneous collection of writings, reviews, history and commentary.
Cemetery Saturday (2018; 2020) - A weekly research article on interesting, famous, and generic gravestones that I find on my excursions.

Classic Magic (2017) - An anthology series featuring a wide variety of generational magicians in the vein of Zoe Bleak.

Comic Comics (2016-2017; 2019) - Daily humorous and critical analysis on various comic strips. The series went on hiatus in February 2017 but returned in April as a monthly commentary on the good, the bad, and just odd of various comic book stories.
The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts (2011-2013; 2014-2015; 2019) - Detailing the history surrounding Kansas in various areas. Originally piloted in an "ashcan" post, 16th & Mass became it's own website from 2011 until shutting down in 2013. In late 2014, it returned for a few issues before ending again.
Customer Service (2010) - A short-lived webcomic featuring Joey, a young man forced to take a terrible customer service not selling things to people who don't want them. A short story version was also created for Liberty.

Delaware Affections (2009-2010) - The Barton family, Mitch, Rodney and Holly, move to Wrigley, Delaware after Mitch is offered the job of town doctor. Rodney quickly makes friends but is soon targeted due to his anger problems. Holly begins dating an older classmate who records them having sex.

Divine Life (2018) - A group of friends deal with middle school, high school, and life in small town Ransomville, Kansas. 

Editorial Comics Review (2009-2011) - Reviews and commentaries on various editorial cartoons and what else was going on politically at that time.

Gravestones (2013; 2016) - A collection of gravestone pictures. Some can also be viewed at The Point of Beginning and a few pictures are currently being posted on Instagram.

Gyrbynerjk (2019) - Simple janitor Brian Gyrbynerjk is sent into space by the evil Dr. Anderson and is forced to make video commentary on various popular culture in order to fund the doctor's evil plans.

Harter Union (2010) - A chapter-by-chapter reprint of my novel. Jefferson Franklin gets a job at Baker University's food service and becomes friends with the quirky employees.

Homebody Dad (2017-2018) - After a bad day at work, David Livingston decides to quit his job and make stuff for the Internet while also helping his wife, Alison, who goes back to work and their three kids.

Incredible Comics (2015-2017) - A Story Series featuring the superhero Time Man, who, through an ancient Roman wrist sundial, can stop time and grants him flight, super strength and invulnerability.

Ipomoea (2016-2017) - Lester Rizzo, his sister, Sabrina, and Manford Cardy become the last survivors of the terraforming ship Ipomoea when it flies through a wormhole 15 light years away from Earth.

Joe & Querty (2009) - After his father passes away, Joe Shamus finds his old childhood friend, sock puppet Querty, in a box and after nearly 15 years this problematic chapter in his life returns worrying his mother, Irene, and sister, Nicki.

KHNH (2013-2014) - Randi Hartman is hired as a producer for a late-night radio show hosted by Mark and Danny. At the radio station, Randi meets a host of characters and begins to think about her life.

Kid Eternity (2017-2018) - Cory Buchanan is given a special ring that allows him to create whatever he can think of and control time and space.

Landsman (2009-2010) - Matthew Landsman's life is turned upside down when he is let in on the secret that the Earth is flat, not round. He is soon accused of murder and of being a terrorist and has to trust a few shady characters in order to survive.

Liberty (1998-2000; 2009-2016; 2019) - An anthology series featuring a multitude of short stories and independent writings. The original volume was printed on physical paper and all issues have been lost. Some have been rewritten for the second volume.
Liberty Horror (2017-present) - An annual series published around Halloween with scary, thrilling, and disturbing stories.

Losers Are Made, Not Born (2008-2015; 2017-2019; 2020-present) - A (mostly) daily commentary on the long-running comic strip "The Born Loser." In 2012, LAMNB ended but was revived in 2013 before coming to another abrupt end. It was relaunched two more times in 2014 and all volumes were merged shortly after. After 1,300 posts, LAMNB came to an end to focus more on writing. LAMNB returned in a second volume in April 2017. Starting in December 2017, Sundays began including bonus writings including regional history, fiction, metaposts, and reviews. A third volume began in 2020 though not under the LAMNB label.
Mom's Taxi (2018) - While driving to a soccer game, Lindsay Baird, her daughters Brooklyn and Karmen, and their friends Georgia and Maddie, are mysteriously transported to a prehistoric time where cavepeople and dinosaurs roam.

One-Night Stand (2009) - After having sex at a senior party, Heather Marsh gets pregnant which she reveals to Chris Gaelan when he comes home from college for Christmas. Chris decides to stay in town and help Heather and the two start becoming friends but Chris wants to continue living his life.

Picture of the Week (2009-2010) - A feature showcasing a photo that I choose that I took. Most of the pictures have been removed due to issues from original photo host, Photobucket. Work is being done to restore these pictures and offer new information.

The Point of Beginning (1996-1997; 2006-2011; 2012-2015; 2017-2018) - A feature focusing on random postings, ramblings and information. The original 1996-1997 series was physically printed and is now lost. The second volume originated on LiveJournal (#1-80), MySpace (#81-155) and WTS (#156-238). The third volume was published on Tumblr and ran for nearly 4,000 posts.
Random Wikipedia Article (2008-2009) - A short feature posting articles you can get when you click the 'Random Article' link on Wikipedia.

Randy (2015-2016) - One hit wonder writer Randy Brubaker returns to his hometown for his mom's funeral and reunites with his former high school friends while trying to write a second novel.

Secret Identity (2008-2009) - Andrew Warren is pressured by his best friend to use his powers and become a superhero while he just wants to live a quiet but after getting involved with a private investigator, his avoidance of using his powers may change.

Seven (2009-2010) - Three friends are recruited by a blind Cassius Traveler to find a mysterious land underground. Along the way, they meet various people who both hinder and help their journey.

Stull (2010-2012) - Frank York opens his own historical society and investigative service in the small town of Stull, Ohio and works to solve his home's odd assortment of history and mystery while also putting his own past behind him.

The Stull Chronicles (2009) - A feature showcasing many different mysteries from different time periods. Named after the strange tales of witchcraft and deviltry in Stull, Kansas, the series didn't last long enough to get to that particular tale.

Sunday Comics (2015-2016; 2017; 2021-2022) - A twice-monthly series featuring the good, bad, weird and everything in between of comic books, comic strips and everything else comic-related. Similar to Thursday Comics, this series focused more on the history as well as the story. A second volume began in 2017 as a weekly series featuring a variety of comic strips.
Supercomics (2017-2018) - Alix Kincaid discovers that she has powers after nearly killing a fellow student. Dmitri Sylvester offers her a position on his governmental superhero team.

Tank N Tummy (2018-2019) - Dominic, Ryan, and Aaron all work together at the Tank N Tummy convenience store where they, and their friends, get into wacky misadventures. Issues #1-3 can be found here.

Tauy Creek Digest (2016-2019) - Originally a Monday through Friday series featuring short stories on a variety of topics. It became a twice-a-month series after the first month and monthly in 2017. It returned to twice a month for a bit before going on hiatus until September 2018. A list of issues can be found here.

Tauy Creek Quarterly (2015-2016) - A quarterly series featuring longer stories than can be published in Liberty. Originally available on Amazon, the three stories published were Riley & Tyler (Part One, Part Two), The Original of Cassandra (Part One, Part Two), and Rape of An American Virgin.

Tauy Creek Sunday (2021; 2022-2023) - A weekly series featuring contemporary fiction, regional history, comics, and more. It returned a little more than a year later.
Thursday Comics (2010-2011; 2013-2014) - Featuring comics of all shapes and sizes, Thursday Comics attempted to bring something different than just your typical comic strip, posting entire comic book stories, snark and a couple of rare creations.
Time Man (2018) - A continuation of Incredible Comics featuring Time Man protecting the citizens of Golden City.

West Union Road (2018) - A miniseries where three friends try to figure out if the death of their friend in a house fire was an accident, murder, or suicide.

Winnie (2019) - A continuation of Zoe Bleak, Winnie, now a sophomore, embraces her destiny and uses herself to help the people in her neighborhood.

WTS-TV (2011) - A short-lived review of television shows that I watched during the 2010-2011 television season.

Zoe Bleak (2016-2017) - Magician Zoe Bleak and her girlfriend, Vanessa, are chosen to raise Winnie, a teenage girl, and protect her from the evil that want her killed.