Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Law & Order: Born Loser Unit

I've posted very few editorial comics so figured I'd see what's going on the world of American culture.

I am looking forward to the Olympics. I find China interesting and don't really care about their human rights issues. I don't really care if that makes me a bad person because human atrocities have been happening since the dawn of humans so I don't know why we think it's bad when it's been happening for that long.

I don't remember Washington having that big of a nose. My biggest fear about the upcoming presidential election is that Democrats said "I don't want to vote for a woman" and chose Obama but when the election comes around they say "I don't want to vote for a black man" and vote for McCain. Also, I'm worried the next president will have so much work cleaning up Bush's messes that they won't get any work done in the first four years and won't be reelected.

Hopefully I'm underthinking the American populace.

The trial of Salim Hamdan aggravates me because it all seems very trumped up. They're rationalizing that because Hamdan knew bin Laden was going to attack America, he's part of the conspiracy. If that's the case then technically shouldn't Bush be tried as a war criminal?

The vagrant's name is Mr Gravesite. That's kind of cool. I like that name. If I ever go to live off the grid, I'm changing my name to Gravesite. That'll look so cool on my manifesto.

Also, this is the first BL where none of the main characters appear.