Friday, August 01, 2008

Superman #1 (Jan 1987)

I'm gonna start doing something a little different starting today. Every week or so I'm going to randomly choose a Superman comic book to showcase and make fun of. I've been wanting to do this for a couple months now but didn't have the time. I'm hoping to move on to other comic books after the new year but we'll see what happens. Since this is the first installment of making fun of Superman comics, I decided to start with Superman #1 from 1987.

written and pencilled by John Byrne; inked by Terry Austin
When I first got this comic it became one of my favorite stories because it was action packed and Superman got his ass handed to him. The cover is also intriguing and the yellow coloring really makes it pop. What's misleading is that Metallo would never really look like that. Almost, but not really. Metallo would also become one of Superman's most annoying villains coming back every year or so in a new form to punch Supes numerous times then be destroyed. Anymore it seems that the most Metallo can do is shred Supes' cape.

What I find funny is in the back of the book where John Byrne is writing in the letters column that he was on X-Men for 38 issues and Fantastic Four for 63 and he wonders how long he'll be on Superman. 22, John. Just 22. 38 if you count the Action Comics issues. 44 if you count The Man of Steel. Not really worth it John. I'm slightly disappointed.