Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chip's Blowing My Mind

I hate these "show me" strips. They are never funny and this one made me think too much which means it's trying too hard.

Aww. I know Pig is being insulted but seeing that smile on his face warms the cockles of my heart.

Great. So when he brakes really hard, he'll flip forward and smash his face onto the floor.

Doesn't the third kid from Luann (I assume it's a girl) look like TJ? Does TJ have an illegitimate child? That would be a pretty good storyline I think plus seeing TJ as a loving, caring, inspiration parent would be fairly strange.

I mean, look at her!! She even has the perverted grin of TJ!!

Momma has some serious empty nest syndrome. Her kids need to start having some grandchildren pronto.

And a hello to my lovely fiancee who, if she was put on this Earth to make me happy, is doing a damn good job.

I see Brutus is a hunt-and-pecker at the computer. That I don't care about but I want to give a huge seal of approval to Chip for giving Brutus a flat screen monitor. So at least the Veeblefester Corporation is in the 21st Century.