Friday, August 29, 2008

The Loser Before Time

Got Thursday and Friday's Foobiverse for ya. I got to the point several months ago when I got really tired of Jim just laying around and doing nothing and wished Lynn would just let the man go out with some dignity. But I'm not writing the strip so I guess I'll just sit back and wait.

Heh. "Who cares about my dying grandfather. I want babies."

Why's this strip called Zack Hill? Everyone knows the real star is the dog.

Maybe this is the reason I don't like sports. I've never thought of it like that but you have to admit that sports inflate the egos of the winners and encourage the losers.

Actually, I don't like sports because there's too much involvement--both in watching and playing.

Out of all the hot women in Hollywood, Lola chose Cameron Diaz to represent her? Cameron Diaz is not attractive and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Just plain wrong.

It's sometimes the small things in a strip that just make it funny. The arrow sticking into the panel border is a fine touch.

This was me just a couple days ago (only minus the squirrel) and I have reason to complain about my lawn. Since the last time I mowed, every spider in the city has made it's home in my backyard. I'm afraid that they are plotting something and I swear I heard one of them whisper something anti-Semetic.

I heard a new thoery as to why the dinosaurs may have died. The oxygen levels may have been too rich for them because apparently the oxygen levels have risen roughly 15% since the dinosaur age.

I learned where fossil fuels came from in first or second grade so while Hattie is technically correct, she's still stupid.