Monday, August 18, 2008

Superman: The Man of Steel #4 (Oct. 1991)

Written by Louise Simonson; Pencilled by Jon Bogdanove; Inked by Dennis Janke
This cover just screams "Stay away". I have never liked Jon Bogdanove's art and I don't know how he stayed on the Superman comics for so long (1991-1998). This story starts out with another annoying villain, Parasite escaping--once again--from STAR Labs. Superman sufficiently defeats him within three pages then we get into a story with Lois Lane and pseudo-boyfriend Jeb Friedman (who thankfully would die in 1996 shortly before Lois ended her engagement with Clark).

Back to the awful villain: Joe Angstrom was apparently mutated in the Army under Sam Lane's command so of course he's out for revenge. What's worse than the cover is that Angstrom looks even worse in the book because he's decomposing from all the radioactivity. Superman defeats Angstrom and STAR Labs is able to save Angstrom and turn him back to normal (of course) and everything is peachy-keen.

Also, Lois challenges Clark to get a story on his own without using Superman. Don't's turns out okay.