Monday, August 25, 2008

This Blog Insured Up to $10,000 By the FDIC

So we get an "I promise" instead of an "I do?" Is that some sort of Canadian tradition? Damn it, Johnston, I'm tired of your Canadaisms. Plus, where's the signature wordplay?

Okay, I'm starting to become a fan of B.C.. Does that make me a terrorist?

Another gold star goes to Marmaduke for putting a flat screen TV in today's strip. However, despite that, the panel is still not funny.

How much sexual innuendo can you find in this comic strip? I count 7.

This is one of my biggest fears. Yes, I realize I should have greater fears but if you really knew me, you'd understand.

Is this an attempt to a topical "failing bank" joke? This strip just seems like a waste of space. At least the paper falling is a bit more artwork than Chip normally does.