Thursday, August 21, 2008

Innuendo Thursday

Morrie automatically assumes everyone knows how to pronounce yarmulke but doesn't know the definition. Then he just goes to confuse people further by saying it's some mode of transportation.

Too much going on in this strip. And who is that caveman talking to?

Who greenlit a Pink Panther comic strip? They need to be fired.

I was expecting a really good racist joke but instead got a chuckle from seeing African-AmericanBerry so I guess it's win-win.

The Nancy Summertime Song (Just in time for Autumn)

What's this song in the tune to? Or is it a poem? I can't believe they wasted three days on this crap.


I love cheap weenies too. Which is why I'm not allowed to go back to San Francisco.

Also, are the hot dogs really that cheap when you have to pay $30 or more to get tickets to the game? Plus the drive, cost of parking, etc...