Friday, August 01, 2008

Look At That Cave Man Go

2008 is apparently the 75th Anniversary of Alley Oop, the lovable, fuzzy underwear wearing caveman. Well, Alley Oop was never my favorite comic strip, I don't care if it was honored with a postage stamp in 1995. I've made fun of Oop on several occasions in this blog and I don't regret it. I went looking around the Internet to try to find old Oop strips from the '30s and '40s but I couldn't so I figured I'd post this week's strips. Enjoy and be sure to peruse 75th Anniversary merchandise currently on sale.

Oh my God! You're breaking the fourth wall!! I think in all honesty, a crazed caveman with an axe would almost immediately kill those two if he got too wound up. But at least now we know why we had this huge lead-up to Oop's birthday.