Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Cheescake Day?

Why does the art look like something a kid drew? Even though this Mason is a "legacy artist", I'm glad that he's still at least trying to draw something funny. I mean the second panel is hilarious.

Yay! All the backseat sex Luann can handle!

Does Chip spend all his time on the Internet looking up stupid "holidays" that are in reference to food? Also, Gladys' birthday is on July 30th while Brutus' is on March 3rd. Let's keep those in mind as the comics keep coming and see if they remain the same. I'm betting they don't

Thanks for reminding me, Andy Capp, you drunken wife-beater. I originally wrote about the American Medical Association Heart Walk that I did and posted a link to donate money. I have edited this post to re-add the comics that were deleted and to remove the link to the donation site.