Friday, July 11, 2008

I think this wedding is a MacGuffin. We're only going through the motions of a wedding to distract us from the real storyline going on in the background. Now if only I could figure out what's going on in the background.

I don't like Jeremy's hair. I keep waiting for them to cut it. For some reason whenever I look at Jeremy now I picture a younger, blonder John Krasinski. Maybe I'm crazy.

How much do you think Pooh could get for his house tree with the original owners name printed above the door? I wouldn't pay much for Pooh's house since it is Tigger adjacent. I can't stand Tigger.

That is the scariest mosquito I have ever seen. In contrast, that's one of the nicest squirrels I've ever seen.

I'm tired of seeing Brutus at work. Can we please see what Wilberforce and Hattie are doing during summer vacation or what stupid things Gladys is mixing up? Maybe the Thornapples could go on vacation--although that would require actual work on Chip's part.