Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Miss FoxTrot

When FoxTrot stopped doing dailies, I was sad but rejoiced when I learned that they would still have Sundays. Then my local paper dropped the Sundays and replaced them with Pearls Before Swine. I think it cancels it out so I'm not too upset.

Can someone really text faster than they can talk. Maybe with a Blackberry or something...

Poor Satchel. But you'd think by now he would learn to not listen to Bucky.

This reminds me of when my best friend went down to Mexico to spend a couple weeks. I'm shocked he came back alive and un-raped. Pig, however, I don't think will be as lucky.

Brutus is the only one who cares about Veeblefester's birthday. I've never cared about my bosses birthdays and sure as hell don't want to sing to them or give them a cake. But I'm glad Veeblefester's sacks of money are back.