Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Born Loser Starring...Uh-Oh

Man, I looked through just about every comic out there posted for the 26th and nothing caught my fancy. Hopefully there will be some comics of note for Wednesday as we arrive at the big 2-0-0! See you there.

Sorry but Grandpa Jim is already dead. Just remember people, I called it.

In actual wedding news, I like that someone actually said "It's about time". I suspect they mean that it's about time the wedding is over not that it took them forever to get married because they got married pretty damn quick in the comic strip universe. I give 'em five years. Seven if they don't have kids.

I'm having problems with today's strip. Not because of the bad joke at the end or copy-and-paste job but with the fact that there are no characters in today's strip to tag. I don't know if we've ever had this happen before. This is making my head hurt and I need to lie down...