Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take Off That Damn Hat

So this picture has been making more than the rounds on the Interwebs the last week or so. It shows a couple having wedding photos taken while a tornado forms in the background.
This photo took place near Harper, Kansas during the wedding of Caleb Pence and Candra no-maiden-name-now-Pence. I don't like it.

Aside from being very stereotypical of what people think of Kansas (wheat, tornadoes, flat land, cowboy hats) it's just a stupid picture that doesn't need to be linked to by the Associated Press. Tornadoes happens as do weddings. Kansans don't run from tornadoes, we rush to the windows or get in our vehicles to get a better look. But what I really hate is that it shows Kansans as moronic redneck hicks too stupid to come in out of the rain (or tornadoes in this case).

I get that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason but this is a bit much. Plus, while, yes, having a couple pictures with the funnel clouds would be cool and interesting and a sure-fire conversation starter, the clouds are in the background of every single one of their wedding photos thus ruining all of them with the dark, ominous clouds, whispy funnel clouds and disturbing orange sky.