Friday, May 11, 2012

A few days ago, President Obama came out for same-sex marriage. He finds nothing wrong with it and that is perfectly fine with me because while I do care about stuff like the economy and jobs, I also vote based on the person as a whole and I would rather vote for someone who wants equality for all people and not someone who would probably still be fine with black people still being 3/5ths of a person or someone who holds down a young boy and cuts his hair because he might be gay. The above graph is from the New York Times and each square is a comment about Obama's announcement. You can view the interactive graph here.

What's interesting are the comments saying that this is the reason that will get them to not vote for Obama in November. If this is what's keeping you from voting for him in November, you were clearly just looking for an excuse to not vote for him anyway and couldn't bring yourself to say it was about the economy or jobs. I'm also baffled by people who have said he should've said something before North Carolina had their vote changing their constitution to make marriages of anyone other than a man and woman illegal. The vote ended up being 70% to 30% for. I honestly think Jesus could've risen and said that same-sex marriage was okay and that wouldn't have made a huge dent. I think mostly because people who claim to have read the Bible backwards and forwards would say Jesus is wrong and then say he wasn't really Jesus because he looked like a Middle Easterner.

Had Obama said something the day of or the day before, the people would've just been voting against President Obama. What this does to the Republican Party is it forces them to double down on their bigotry. They now have to be more against same-sex marriage than Obama is for it...and Obama really doesn't have to mention it again until he is specifically asked.