Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Return of Harter Union

Back in 2005, I had finished writing my book and the following year I had it published. I'm not going to go into detail about my book's publication history but if you care, you can read about it here. All through 2010 I reprinted my book, Harter Union, here on Watch This Space. Well, in 2013 my contract expires and I am free to shop my book around to other publishers. I do plan on reprinting it but first I am going to go through it and rewrite it--remove stuff I included like that chapter where the characters meet the cast of Night Court. I'm hoping at this time next years my book is available both in print and on an eReader.

One thing I won't miss about the original book is the cover. At first I really liked it but I've grown to despise it as the years wore on. So as I'm rewriting it, I may need beta readers to let me know how they like the changes and what, if anything, I should change. So keep your eyes peeled here and on my Twitter so you can see when I ask for them.

Also, Losers Are Made, Not Born is back as is everything else I do on this blog so please tell your friends about it.