Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writers Block

I tried writing a story a few years ago called Writers Block. The story was about a writer who returned to his hometown to write only to be distracted by his family's crazy problems and failing business. I didn't get too far in the story because it didn't really hold my interest. I still have the first chapter in a notebook ready to be worked on in the future if I wish.

And that is the main problem with my writing. I cannot write just on a computer. I have to write in a notebook first then type it all into a document. It gives me an extra layer of editing but it makes writing things other than what I am currently working on nearly impossible. Sure I could just start writing in other notebooks but I don't feel right doing that.

I am starting a new blog on June 1st that focuses on writing and cemeteries. I've been working on the inaugural writing post for the last couple of weeks but for some reason I just cannot force myself to sit down, shut up, turn off and write. I have a couple of stories I could put in its place but I don't want to do that. I want to be able to get stuff written using Microsoft Word or something so I can work on several stories at one time.

Maybe someday. Maybe someday...