Sunday, May 27, 2012

Press Four to Repeat This Message

I am assuming Brutus has just been hanging up or even just not answering the phone from Acme Loan Company and the one time he actually paid attention to what the recording is saying it reveals that he could've avoided hiding from these telemarketers to begin with.

I've had my cell phone number for about four years. About a year ago, I started getting phone calls for Lonnie. First, it was a couple people asking for Lonnie, like friends or relatives or something. Then it became calls from hardware and lumber companies. About half the time I don't answer the phone, the other half I answer and half to explain that I am not Lonnie, I've had the phone number four times as long as the calls have been happening and that, no, I don't require lumber for my construction business.

About a week ago, I got a bill collector call for Lonnie and that was annoying because you could just tell that the woman on the other end didn't believe that I was Lonnie even after answering her questions of "How long have you had this number?" and "Do you know where Lonnie is?"

The only thing that would've made this strip better is if the second panel started with *ship steam horn* "Hello, this is your captain speaking..."