Sunday, April 01, 2012

The End

Gladys doesn't seem as concerned as a wife should be considering her husband may have a concussion. It also seems like the driving range people also doesn't care that one of their loyal customers got injured while on their property. But I guess if people gave two shakes about Brutus the title of this comic strip would be "The Born Loser."

And that's it for me. I know this is kind of short notice and out of the blue but I'm putting this blog to bed. It's been a great four years and maybe at some point it will start back up but right now it's time to move on and focus on my other blog, The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts and my writing, which I have been neglecting for the last few months. You can still see me around the Internet on Facebook and Twitter and I hope to continue posting stuff I write somewhere and when I figure it out, I will let you know on one of those two places.

Thank you to all my loyal readers and various people I have met while having this blog. And until next time, I remain...