Friday, October 10, 2008

Glady's Wandering Eye

Yes, the massive hand of Uncle Sam is asking for more money. But of course when a 17 foot Uncle Sam demands money you better give it.

As for the taxpayer's bailout? November 4th, effective January 20th.

Also, check out Mallard Fillmore everyday at Duck and Cover and see what Mallard's raving about.

Something about this strip looks familiar. Is it the joke? No. It's something about the characters. Hold on just a minute...

OH SWEET JESUS ON A WAFFLE CONE!!! That girl is slowly infiltrating the Archie comic strip. Someone tell the Archie Joke Generating Unit that she must be stopped. Heaven forbid if she actually makes the strip funny!!

I like it.

There's nothing funnier than Zoe falling off the roof and landing flat on her head thus shattering her second, third and fourth vertebrae. Hammie would like it.

Does poor Lois go through Trixie crying every time they go through the express lane? Hi should've gotten the operation after the accidents that were Dot and Ditto.

That's right. The drugs didn't kill Alan. Ray Jenkins didn't kill Alan. You killed him, LuAnn. You killed him with affection and encouragement.

Marmaduke suffers from a phony addiction that's really more of a fetish.

Now we shall make love and afterwards you will stroke my chin beard. My awesome chin beard.

HA HA HA!!! She's old and gonna die soon.

Meanwhile, Jeffy has been hypnotized by the Number 7. The numeral who ate his cohort 9 is now wanting Jeffy to kill. Kill. KILL!

He couldn't do any worse than the real people running the banks.

HOLY MOTHER OF PHYLLIS DILLER!! What's wrong with Gladys' eye? I know the art in BL is never all that great but her eye is on her cheek.

Also, the romance of yesterday's strip has vanished.

On her cheek.