Sunday, October 26, 2008

158: Worst Jobs Ever

I haven't had very many jobs but I've had enough of them. I'm one that tends to keep a job for several years before attempting to look for another one. One job I had just didn't fit with me as it required me to lift 50 pound garage door slats over my head. The first worst job ever started out at Half Price Books where this guy just came up to me while I was browsing the sci-fi section and handed me a business card. I debated on whether to call or not but did and set up a meeting to see what the business proposition was. I originally thought it was something sexual but soon discovered it was along the lines of a pyramid scheme. It was for selling stuff for a company called Quixtar which is basically like Amway. I sat through a presentation that described to me how McDonald's does it and what Quixtar is. I won't go into it because you can just read the Wikipedia article.

I went to one more meeting where a bunch of people gathered at a hotel in Kansas City to talk about their success with Quixtar. I sat in the front row of the presentation and was so hoping that no one would talk to me. I decided that this cult-like atmosphere of business didn't really meld with me so I opted out and they probably forgot about me pretty quickly. The next job was one I took when I was really desperate for work. Essentially it was bothering hard-working small business owners about their insurance. The training lasted about three, four hours then we went to pseudo-work and I did horrible at it. I didn't like bothering these people because they are running their own business and don't have time to be bothered about something as piddly as insurance. If they want it, they'll get it themselves. They don't need us. These guys running this business did not like that answer and needless to say, I was gone after one day.

I still see their ad in the newspaper periodically and I am so shocked they are still in business. Unfortunately, businesses that pray on other people tend to stay in business longer than legitimate businesses.