Thursday, October 02, 2008

Three New Stories

I got three new short stories uploaded. The full list of my short stories is included in the Short Stories link on the sidebar.

Rat Boy is the story of a quiet and ridiculed high school student who hold his math class hostage. I actually wrote this story about a week before Columbine so when that tragedy happened, I was sent to the principals and guidance counselor. Fun times. This was also one story that I let other people read and people really did like it and wanted their own copy. I was inspired by the story "Rage" by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) and I originally turned Rat Boy into a four-part series where Jesse is killed, comes back to life and is abducted by aliens. I rewrote the first story and just ended it. Zombies just didn't fit the story.

The Narrative of Dennis Holcomb is your standard story of wanting to forget the one you loved who broke your heart. The story isn't as established as some of my other stories but I originally didn't know where I was really going with this story. I love the relationship flashbacks and the horrible pseudo-science about how the machine works. I made it almost believable.

Captain is the story of waiting in the waiting room while your girlfriend is getting an abortion. The title has nothing to do with the story but I didn't know what to call it. I wanted to make sure the story didn't side with pro-choice or pro-life factions but I wanted to show both side of the argument. I think I did a good job. What I find weird is that it took over 48 hours for Triond to publish this where it usually takes about 24.