Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Brutus? Who's the Girl, Brutus?"

Yesterday, we had "fencing". Today we have "home economics" and "baby doll". If we continue "quoting" tomorrow, I say "we" should use "finger quotes" in every "panel."

You two do realize what other things you could hear from the women's bathroom right? Plus I've seen what happens to people who bug restrooms. I've seen those Datelines and 20/20s.

It took me awhile to notice that the strip says Van Diesel and not Vin Diesel. This strip actually brings up some interesting things. Is it intentionally Van or did Armstrong forget Vin's name. Did he change it to Van so he could make that vehicle/fuel joke or did he fear repurcustions from Mr. Diesel himself?

I don't care how long it's been, I'm always up for a Peanuts parody.

Well, it's better because not only do I get sex at home, I get it at work now. And with none of that marriage crap attached to it.

No, I don't want a ride. I don't think I could fit in your car anyway...

I always figured Brutus' mom was dead. Hopefully we don't have a Norman Bates situation here.