Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peanuts 10/13/08-10/19/08

Got a hodge-podge of strips for the week so let the rambling begin.

I think it's very weird to see these early Sally strips but be more familiar with the later Sally who always talked to the school building but didn't really like school all that much.  I'm also guessing that this strip was before the age of day care and preschool where Sally could go to school before she was five.

And it's kind of harsh saying that she didn't like it.  She just didn't get it.  Much like Rerun really when he entered Kindergarten, he liked it but it just didn't suit him.  I always figured Sally sat alone at lunch.

I always thought Snoopy wanting to be some other animal was always a little out of place.  He always seems generally happy to be a dog.  He gets to do whatever he wants, has a good owner and a decent place to live, but he's always pretending to be salmon or a vulture or some other animal.
And it also seems Snoopy gets very embarrassed if someone catches him being a different animal.  Much like a normal person would be slightly embarrassed if being caught by someone while they were pretending to be a salmon.

I know Schroder has no feelings for Lucy whatsoever but there was always something I liked about Lucy's undying love for Schroder.  No matter how bad he treated her, she always came back to lean on his piano.  But then if you actually read and paid attention to Lucy's love speeches to Schroder, you'd see a small tinge of Lucy just wanting that phat pianist paycheck.  Lucy's a gold-digger.

I've often wondered why Charlie Brown isn't liked.  I guess that's not really fair to say because Linus likes him and Peppermint Patty and Marcie like him.  Let's not forget Franklin and Roy when they met him.  Shermy also liked him when the strip began.

Lucy reminds me of Cartman from "South Park".  Believes she's well-liked and popular when really people can't stand her.

Why is Linus sleeping on Snoopy's doghouse?  Just for a guest bedroom joke?  I think by the time the strip ended in 2000, everyone had sleep on Snoopy's doghouse.  I've wondered how people could think that was comfortable because you are sleeping on a point.  It's not a flat surface like they put on the toys, it's a point.  It would really hurt your head to lay on that doghouse.

Even though I know it's cruel and mean, I love it when the kids draw on Charlie Brown's head.  They make it seem so effortless whether it's with a laundry marker or a crayon.  And Charlie doesn't get mad or even show any emotion, he just takes it.  I've often wondered what his parents thought when he walking into his house with his head covered with half the world, or a pumpkin face.