Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peanuts 10/6/08-10/12/08

Every Sunday for the next six weeks I will be posting a week's worth of Charles Schulz's Peanuts and explaining how the comic affected my life. I hoping it'll be popular enough to be a regular feature or a spin-off blog. Let me know if you like it and share your thoughts on the strips posted here.

And now, onto the feature:

When I was young, Kindergarten age thereabouts, I actually tried this. Scared the bejeezus out of the neighborhood kids but convinced them it worked because I said I read it in a book. They didn't have to know it was a Peanuts book.

I actually did the stomping closer to the mouth because I thought that there would be a chance the germs could jump or get blown away before I could thoroughly stomp on them. I never stepped on anyone though although some kids said I was too close.

I even did the germ-stomping to kids I didn't like or who didn't like me. I so wanted to step on them but I feared malpractice lawsuits because I wasn't a licensed doctor and my form of treatment hadn't been approved yet. I did stomp closer to their face and tried to spray dust and gravel on them.

I had to quit my practice when, by the end of the day, my foot hurt like hell. My shoes held up fine but my foot hurt like the dickens.

I got a majority of my imagination from what I read in books and comic strips and later comic books. Of course I was never as imaginative as Snoopy or got as into it as him.

Also copying Lucy however, I did try to start my own psychiatry booth but more on that when we see hers.