Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday and Sunday In One Convenient Package

I'll give you the details on my Saturday later but for right now I have both the Saturday and Sunday comics for you.

Coincidentally, 13 and a quarter inches is also the length of Gunther's...fabric scissors.

Why are there only four crackers on the table? It seems like she's hosting some sort of dinner party or something along those lines since she bought good crackers and people are asking for dip. Also, who's the dip the Fat Broad is talking about? She's not married or anything, I don't think.

I thought of a better idea for today's strip. Enjoy...

Ah, what you can do with the cut and paste feature in Paint and a prediliction for gay jokes.

Nancy and Sluggo seem to be friends with benefits as it appears that Nancy is now seven or eight months pregnant.

I wonder if Aunt Fritzi knows...

Do people really call it "leaf debris"? Just call it what it is: fallen leaves.

What's with the giant chasm?

Yep, being romantic costs money. I should send bills to my ex-girlfriends to repay me for dinners, movies, jewlery, etc. I gave them during our relationships. Not all of them though, just select few.


No more LSD for Chip.