Friday, October 03, 2008

No HD for the Thornapples

Make sure you've taken your LSD or ecstasy before reading the first comic today. When I first saw it I thought my house had a carbon monoxide leak or something.

I warned you. Leave it to The Better Half to make you question your sanity.

That is the most disturbing porno magazines ever. And I've seen some pretty disturbing magazines.

I wish I could change my radio stations...WITH MY MIND as she can apparently do. Her arms don't move. They are permanently attached to her torso.

ACK!! All those clothes make Cathy's hips look huge. She is almost as wide as the door she's walking out of.

Leroy has been turned into a Sim for the new Sim game which proves EA is running out of ideas as they are reduced to using past-their-prime comic strips as characters.

It's reasons like this as to why I don't like running a dishwasher. I'm always afraid it will blow up or flood the house. I know I'm just paranoid but it could happen.

Another sign that Aaron MacGruder is becoming the laziest cartoonist ever. I guess as long as the "Boondocks" TV series doesn't suffer I shouldn't complain.

Of course they watch Fox News. It's Fair and Balanced reporting is only second to the outstanding anchors they have such as Shepherd Smith, Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteren.

Oop, I threw up a little.

Ruff's not Snoopy smart. Hell, he's not even Marmaduke smart.

I can't tell the difference between standard and high-def. High-def has sharper color but other than that I'll stick with my standard television. It does just fine, thank you. Who are you to judge me?!