Monday, October 13, 2008

How Rich Is He?

Not much going on in the comics today. Apparently all the cartoonists just phoned it in on this Columbus Day.

I don't really know what makes it any different than any other day.

Love the look on Jonah's face. I've had that look on my face many a time when I realize the girl was just with me for the free dinner and movie.

Hahaha!! Oh, Crankshaft. You horrible husband, you. Instead of hiring some young whippersnapper, you get your 80-year-old wife to do it. Ah, I can't wait to be an old coot.

Rich people don't waste their money on stupid things like wishing wells or charity.


xy said...

that reminds me, how was your walk for hearts or whatever it was for

Anonymous said...

It went fine. Raised a lot of money for the American Heart Association and got oodles of dog treats for some reason.