Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wilberforce Gets an "F"

You'd think the guys would learn not to make fun of the Fat Broad. The snake, unfortunately, is just the victim of a hate crime.

Heathcliff has had a series of strokes in today's strip and soon Mr. Nutmeg has one which causes him to force his wife to bathe him and his cat in the backyard blaming their troubles on sand fleas.

Also, Dawn Warren has the most unique cat ever. A cat that hides and pounces on you? Someone give that cat a series.

At least he wants to go somewhere. I've seen comic strip husbands say they don't want to go anywhere and it's their way of saving money. At least Drabble here wants to go somewhere with his horrid shrew of a wife.

Sweaty pits or not, they'd still date her.

Ok. I will.
Yep, son. I got a pig when I married your mom. Unfortunately we can't kill and eat her because that would be murder and cannibalism.