Friday, August 05, 2016

Oh, No! Indeed

Hi and Lois
That's got to make the grass harder to mow. I don't see Chip picking up the hose so he can mow under it which means he either mows around it, leaving a thin, wavy strip of untouched grass or just mows over the hose. Either way can be considered classic Chip.

There's something about Dagwood subscribing to a magazine that features pictures of elongated, cylandrical meats. It's almost* sexual.

Mark Trail
Of all the ways I thought Mark Trail would die, "crushed by whale" was not on the betting pool chart.

And what the other aspect of the cycle of life? Sex and reproduction. So what does that tell us about Marvin? That the comic strip is fucking shit.**

*Almost = most definitely
**Tip of the hat to James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd