Monday, August 29, 2016

Daily Corpse Theatre

Funky Winkerbean
Oh, good. It's not an Alzheimer's storyline. It's not a dementia storyline. It's not a stroke or heart attack storyline. It's a chronic traumatic encephalopathy storyline.

Judge Parker and Mary Worth

"Refilling my prescription entails me going to half a dozen doctors first and then going to half a dozen pharmacies. But I shouldn't have told you that."

People are commenting about how good the art on these two strips have been over the last couple weeks (Judge Parker) and month (Mary Worth). It's not surprising to me considering I am familiar with Mike Manley and June Brigman's work in comic books, specifically Batman during the Knightfall storyline, and Supergirl in the mid 1990s. I'm a fan of both of their work although I am hoping Marciuliano and Manley aren't going to turn Judge Parker into a macabre comic strip of corpses.