Monday, August 08, 2016

The Pain! The Pain of It All!

I've never understood the "prank" in sending pizzas to someone's house. If you order online, it makes you pay. If you call in for delivery, the recipient doesn't have to pay. I get that it may be poor manners to refuse the pizzas--they were made, a driver was sent out--but why should I pay upwards of $40 for something I didn't order?

Then there's the possibility that the pizzas were already paid for and the "prank" is ruining their home-cooked dinner. Anyway, I'm starting to hate Tony Braxton just because he's making me think to damn hard about this crap.

F Minus
Well, your son is clearly living with you and has a man-bun so it makes sense that you would lose that bet.

Mary Worth
"Your back seems fine. I suggest just a heat pad and some rest."

"But couldn't you just give me some vicodin? It really hurts."

"Oh, no. You don't just hand those out willy-nilly, especially for mild back pain."

"Can you recommend a doctor who does hand them out willy-nilly?"