Sunday, August 07, 2016

It Was Probably About Alexander Hamilton, the Grandson of Alexander Hamilton

Sally Forth
I love that one summer without Hillary has put a lot of pressure on the Forths' marriage. While I don't think they will actually get divorced and Ted move out, it would be kind of cool to see Ted live by himself with only Hillary's once-favorite stuffed animal for companionship.

I want to know what "Hamilton Musical" Ted took Sally to see.

Family Circus
Why is PJ in the high chair? That seems dangerous.

I gave this girl I liked in fifth grade a flower. In sixth grade, I gave another girl this cheap piece of jewelry I had. I never dated either of them, they never became my friend, and my life went on as if I had done nothing at all.

A lot of Sunday comic strips have throwaway panels at the top so that, depending on how the newspaper formats their comics page, the strip can be easily stacked. A lot of times, the only way you can see these throwaway panels is either through a printed collection or seeing the original posted online through the syndicate's website. But what happens when even the syndicate removes the throwaway panels. Then I guess you can only see the original when the artist posts the strip on Instagram.