Saturday, August 20, 2016

Somber Saturday

I got some sad news yesterday. My old boss from Baldwin High School, special education teacher, Laura Beaulieu has passed away. She started working in the special education department at Baldwin High in 1995 and was there until she had to leave in December of 2015. She was an inspiration to her coworkers and her students through her passion in teaching and helping kids with disabilities. She began the annual Mardis Gras Diversity Day which celebrated a wide variety of disabilities inviting the special education departments from dozens of other school to celebrate with cajun food cooked by the kids, zydeco music, and a wide assortment of games and entertainment.

Her death comes after a short battle with breast cancer. The things I remember most were the looks she got when a struggling student was able to pass a class that was difficult for them and when she would talk about her children and grandchildren. Laura was definitely a soul taken from this world too soon. But, then again, aren't a lot of people?

Family Circus
PJ is right to look worried, not because his older brother is too weak and about to drop him but because Jeffy is clearly suggesting that Bil and Thel take their youngest to a shady doctor and have his pituitary gland removed.