Saturday, August 13, 2016

Was It During Civil War? Because Spider-Man Was Really Young In That Movie

Amazing Spider-Man
Okay, Mary Jane, we get it. Ant-Man is a terrible superhero. Now quit power-shaming the guy and move on. Or maybe we should talk about your husband's idiotic origin and unbelievable powers.

Sally Forth
One of the dumbest tropes I hate in popular culture is where a character attempts to become something and on the first try achieve that goal. An actress always gets the best part after one audition, an author is published after only one publisher sees their work, you've seen the stories. It makes me hopeful that Hillary won't be a published author right off the bat but as she is about to enter her 40s.

Hi and Lois
I understand what Hi is getting at but taking a vacation at a beach is much different than an important tactical military maneuver that changed the course of a war.