Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tauy Creek Digest #23: Three Times With Lana

Lana was standing in front of the vending machine deciding what to get. She sat behind Jason at work so the two of them had started getting along and becoming friends. Jason stood in the doorway to the break room, looking at Lana. She was shorter than him by several inches, overweight with a round belly and chubby cheeks. She had brown hair dyed blonde and wore glasses. Jason went up to Lana as she was selecting Nacho Cheese Doritos.

"Hey, Lana," Jason said.

"Hey, Jason."

"I had the same idea," Jason said holding out a handful of change. "I have a question. I have to take my car to a mechanic this morning so I was wondering if you could come with me and give me a ride home. We could stop for coffee or something."

Later that morning, Jason dropped his car off with a mechanic who would look at the problem and call him back with a price. Jason got into Lana's car and she drove to the nearest coffee shop. "Thanks for the coffee," Lana said, taking a sip.

"No problem. It's the least I could do. Thanks for chauffeuring me around this morning."

"It's just for the morning. I've been wanting to get to know you outside of work anyway," Lana said.

"I am pretty amazing," Jason laughed. "Sorry our first hang out isn't under more exciting circumstances."

"We have to start somewhere," Lana took another sip of her coffee and then belched loudly.

Jason noticed the other patrons took to look at them. "That was loud. And rude," he said softly.

"What do you do when your car isn't in the shop?"

"If I have any errands to do then I do them. Usually I just go home, watch some TV, then go to bed. I then usually wake up in the early evening, watch more TV then get ready for work," Jason went through his typical day. "I'm assuming it's the same for you."

"Just about."

They finished their coffee, talking about things they like to do when not at work. As they walked back to Lana's car, Jason's phone rang. "Hello? Really? Okay, go ahead and do it. How long will it take? Okay. Give me a call when you're done," he hung up. "That was the mechanic. It's not going to cost as much as I thought. They'll call me back when my car is done. You can take me home now."

"Let's just go back to my place," Lana suggested. "You'll have to get out and go get your car later anyway."

They had started making out and wound up in her bed together. When they were finished, Lana spent some time catching her breath. "You're the first guy to go down on me," she said.

"Really?" Jason questioned whether that was true but why would someone lie about that?

"Yep. Wish someone would've done it sooner," Lana laughed and got out of bed. She walked toward the bathroom and shouted back at Jason, "I'm going to hop in the shower. Feel free to join."

Jason continued laying in bed until he heard the water. He got out of bed and began looking around her bedroom. He opened her dresser drawers and looked at her socks, pants, underwear, and found her vibrator. He sat back down on her bed when his phone rang. "Hello? Okay, great. I'll be there to pick it up as soon as possible," Jason got up and went to the bathroom. "My car is done."

"Okay. I'm almost finished," she said.

Jason put his clothes back on and waited for Lana to finish showering. She dropped him off at the mechanics and they went their separate ways, neither one acting fine with the decision that they made. At work, they kept the conversation light but minimal. Two days later, Lana was the one who approached Jason. "Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"I have a friend coming by this morning and I was wondering if you'd like to come over. He's bringing over some pot," Lana convinced.

"Sure, I'll follow you home. Thanks for the invite," Jason smiled.

Lana and Jason finished the pot that her friend had brought over and were again in her bed, having sex. It was louder and more boisterous than their previous time but when they were finished, they were more accepting of the roles that they found themselves in. Jason stayed the day and rode into work with Lana but they took care to stay away from saying they were in a relationship.

They didn't spend any time together over the weekend but got together the following Monday. They went to his apartment this time, it was her idea to have sex and he invited her over because he just wanted to sleep. When they were finished, Jason walked Lana out.

"Do you want to go have lunch?" Lana asked suddenly.

"What?" Jason asked.

"I'm hungry after that workout. Do you want to get lunch?"

Jason hesitated with an answer to several seconds before acquiescing. They ate at a Mexican chain restaurant, taking their time. When they returned to Jason's apartment, Lana kissed him good-bye and he drowsily went up to his apartment, into his bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Sleep came slowly as he thought about Lana. "If we have sex again," he said out loud, "I will formally start dating her."

It was almost a week before Jason and Lana spent time alone. Jason was feeling horny and, mimicking how this all started, cornered Lana in the break room. "Hey, Lana."

"Hey, Jason. It's been awhile."

"It has. I was wondering if you'd want to grab breakfast this morning and maybe stay at my place," Jason offered.

"I would love to but I have a breakfast date with John today," Lana revealed. John was another coworker. Jason had noticed them getting chummy but didn't think anything about it. "Sorry."

"Not a problem. Glad to see you and John together. My offer is open whenever you want."

"Good to know. I'll see you, Jason."

"I'll see you, Lana."