Saturday, August 06, 2016

Tauy Creek Digest #22: The Blue Light

Years ago, a figure dropped from the sky like a meteor, slamming into the ground leaving a massive crater. The figure then moved across the countryside killing and destroying anyone and anything that got in his way. He arrived at the Capital, a shining building in the center of the Capital City. An army had been trying for most of the day to put a dent in the figure's skin or at least slow him down but, if anything, it seemed as if he just got stronger. At the foot of the Capital, the figure looked up and then jumped all the way to the top of the building, smashing his way through the glass and into the office of the Head of State.

An army surrounded the Head, who still stood tall and strong amongst them. "What is going on?" he demanded. "Who are you and what do you want?"

The figure took a took forward and the army cocked their guns and lasers, prepared to battle. Within a split seconds, the figure was tearing through the army, blood splattering everywhere. The Head of State, along with a general and vice-head, attempted to flee, flanked by three army men. The figure leapt toward them, using spikes that he had on his gloves to tear through the flesh of the Head of State's back. With the Head of State dead and the military torn to shreds, Brilliant Baal and his army of demon-troops arrived on the planet and immediately and swiftly took control. Over the course of only a couple of years, native citizens of this planet were brutalized and slaughtered. The few who survived were driven underground where they plotted their return to their rightful home.

In the bluffs of the river to the southeast of the Capital City, the majority of the survivors stayed hidden. One of the survivors was the Grand Magistrate. Once the head of the planet's supreme court, he was the highest official Baal's troops were not able to depose. Since his exile, he had been working with a couple scientists, a former military man who watch dozens of his fellow men and women ripped to shreds, and a citizen who had some sort of manipulation powers, on a way to create a nigh-omnipotent being capable of taking out Baal's monster and troops.

"How is it going?" Captain Vrilox asked, coming into the Grand Magistrate's area of the cave. "We've noticed that you've been working nearly all day for the last week on something."

"I think we have something," the Magistrate said.

"But we need a vessel for it," Cal-Il said. "Someone to hold the power."

"Power? What's your plan?" Vrilox looked at both of them.

"We take the power from our sun," the Magistrate began. "Cal-Il has been working on manipulating light and energy. He posits that we can use the light and energy from the sun to create a powerful savior to bring Baal and his troops down."

"I'll do it," Vrilox said. "I'll the be the, what'd you call it? Vessel?"

"We don't know if it will work," the Magistrate warned. "We may not be able to get any of the sun, the sun may destroy the vessel, the sun may explode."

"Then we start over. It's worth the risk. It would be better than waiting for Baal to slaughter the rest of us and leave our planet uninhabitable," Vrilox said.

"Then we'll do it at sunrise, when the sun is closest to us," Cal-Il said.

Their sun was a blue dwarf. It had come out of its red dwarf stage centuries ago and most of its hydrogen has been expelled. In only a few short centuries, the star would die leaving only black nothingness. At sunrise, the Magistrate, Cal-Il, and Vrilox stood on a tall bluff. "This may take awhile," Cal-Il said. Cal-Il focused on the sun and began waving his hands slowly in the air. It took just over an hour but light and energy from the sun began flowing toward them. As it approached, Cal-Il began redirecting it toward Vrilox. The power flowed into him, making him glow.

"I can feel the power," Vrilox said. "Baal doesn't stand a chance against me."

Soon Vrilox was engulfed in the sun's power and energy. He emanated a brilliant blue light, his form now featureless. He flew toward the Capital City. Vrilox smashed into the Capital eviscerating the troops that were protecting Baal. "You dare overthrow me? I have murdered countless god-like men and I am untouched," Baal said.

"I am not god-like," Vrilox said. "I am." Using the full extent of his powers, Vrilox focused them on Baal. Baal was unable to fight back. He was quickly overpowered and screamed in terror as his skin and muscle was burned off leaving only bones. "Brilliant Baal is no more. This building is a shrine to all that is wrong. It shall be no more."

From the bluffs, the Magistrate and Cal-Il witnessed the destruction of the Capital in shock. "I worried that this would happen," Cal-Il whispered.

"What's wrong?"

"The power has overcome him. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need to find something to contain him. Control him," Cal-Il said and ran back into the bluffs to his quarters. "What can we use? It needs to be small, easy to handle."

"How about this?" the Magistrate asked, grabbing a ring with the Capital etched into it.

"That'll work. Come on."

The Magistrate and Cal-Il arrived at the Capital City as quickly as they could but much of the city was destroyed, Baal's followers mutilated. "I'm going to start. When I give the word, get his attention," Cal-Il said and began waving his hand while holding the ring in front of him. Energy from Vrilox began migrating toward the ring. "Okay."

"Vrilox!" the Magistrate yelled.

Vrilox turned to see Cal-Il and the Magistrate and then noticed how he was being directed into the ring. "No! You can't stop me. You created me to save you. I can save everyone!" But Vrilox was inching closer and closer to the ring until finally he was in it.

"Now we can control the power," Cal-Il said. "If we ever need power like this again, we know where to find it."