Friday, August 19, 2016

More Like "Is Mallard Fillmore Still Being Made?"

Sally Forth
Really. It's teenager for "more than like" but "less than love". See also, "like-like".

Mallard Fillmore
Freedom of speech protects you in the case of the government saying you can't say what you want, it does not protect you if your job, school, or random person doesn't like what you say.

I also went the website listed here and looked at the closest college near me (University of Kansas) and saw that they were a Red Light Policy school!! That means they have at least one policy that clearly restricts to the rights of students to say what they want. The two policies they have listed is the policy saying students can't threaten, coerce, stalk, bully, prank phone call, vandalise, or intimidate other students or their private property. The other policy says students can't sexually harass or do anything even resembling sexual harassment. In my opinion, those are two pretty good policies to have on the books.

It's good to know that Mallard is all for students harassing each other and being generally terrible to each other with no consequences.

Whoa, Cosmo, not now. A man-bird-thing just died.