Saturday, July 02, 2016

At Least Talk To the Manager First

Mark Trail
"I'm sorry that I can't look any sadder than this. Let me sex you up to make up for it. I'm sure nothing bad will happen with that bite. Nothing bad ever happens on a deserted island"

Mallard Fillmore
Usually I just ignore the ignorance that Mallard spouts everyday but this one intriqued me so I looked it up. Wayne State is, indeed, dropping math from its graduation requirements--unless their major requires it. Basically it will be up to the individual departments to decide if math is needed to graduate. The reason is because the current standards are equal to what you already learn in high school. New standards are currently being written and will be implemented in the Fall of 2018. As for the "Diversity" replacement, only right-leaning websites are saying that "Diversity" is replacing math but the new standards may include a diversity class requirement starting in 2018. I find it bothersome that Mallard will insult and belittle a respected university over something that could have been explained by doing a simple Google search.

I love Pappy, the ol' drunk sonuvabitch.

Five bucks says he's actually doing real business and not, as has been suggested, whoring it up.

And speaking of "whoring it up", the creators of Shoe want you to picture the Perfessor and his girl having sex and having it be so bad, the creates a Yelp! page about him.