Friday, July 29, 2016

Billy: Not Caring About Making a Wallet Since 1979

So are we to believe that this 500-pound cannonball is now embedded in his body? His ribs are now just tiny shards shredding what's left of his organs. Fun strip today.

Mary Worth
How much vicodin did this doctor give Tommy? He's only been taking vicodin two days and we've already seen him pop around 11 pills into his mouth. The doctor couldn't have given him more than one week's worth, right?

As the father of a teenager, I approve this comic strip.

The Amazing Spider-Man
I'm not familiar with this Egghead guy, it just makes me wonder why they couldn't use the Kingpin/Wilson Fisk.

Family Circus
We've been noting that Jeff just recycles his father's panels, does minor edits to them and then ships them off to the syndicate when he's ready for a vacation. This panel is no different. I swear I have this panel in one of my Family Circus books. In fact, I know when this strip first appeared: August 17, 1979. See?