Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Think the Daily Bugle Website Is a Hodge-Podge of Ill-Used HTML and CSS

The Amazing Spider-Man
Aww, he's such a pleasant criminal mastermind. That's all I need to know about him. Welcome to the Daily Bugle, maybe you can help make our website user-friendly.

Mary Worth
I've never been addicted to anything but is this how it works? He got addicted in, like, twelve hours. In another twelve hours, will she come home to find him writhing on the floor or comatose?

The Lockhorns
Are Loretta's legs bandaged up? Leroy is so mad about the car that he can't see that his wife's legs were nearly shattered in the accident. Or he just doesn't care. Yeah, that one.

Family Circus
Oh, good, the Keanes paid the 49 cents postage due and...whoa! What is Thel wearing? How do I airbrush those melon-headed kids out of this?